Bar Coding Graphics from Mold In Graphic Systems®

Track your polyolefin products with permanent Consecutive Serialization and Bar Coding Graphics from Mold In Graphic Systems®

You save time and money when you know where your products are!

That’s why Mold In Graphic Systems® developed special permanent graphics which help you and your customers keep track of polyolefin products.  With thousands of dollars in stock at various locations – including in the warehouse, loading dock and at retail outlets – manufacturing companies are looking for solutions to e efficiently track products.  MIGS™ permanent consecutive serial numbers, or bar coding graphics can be applied quickly and easily to your products in-mold, as a Mold In Graphic® or after molding, as a Mold On Graphic®.  When scanned, consecutively numbered permanent graphics and bar codes allow your inventory to be easily identified and tracked.  So no matter whether your products are at the molding machine, being moved in the warehouse, or being transported and received at the shipping dock, you’ll know where they are.

Our graphics meet your needs by including changing information:

  • Date of production
  • Internal fluid volumes
  • Lot numbers
  • Shift numbers
  • And more
These permanent graphics can also help your company comply with the growing demand for ISO and other quality standard certifications.  Track your polyolefin products and save money with Mold In Graphic Systems® Consecutive Serialization and Bar Coding Graphics.

Here are some important uses for bar coding and consecutive serialization graphics:

  • Large shipping pallets
  • I.B.C. totes
  • Chemical drums and barrels
  • Material handling containers
  • Hazardous storage tanks
  • Anything else you need to track
  • Customize products with MIGS™ Hand-stampable Graphics
  • Manufacturing companies can integrate this information directly into the
  • graphic transfers on site by using our hand-stampable graphics. It’s an
  • extremely exible process.
  • Ask us for a sample kit today!

Remember: Plastics decorating is easy with Mold In Graphics® and Mold On Graphics®

Mold In Graphic Systems® makes it easy to permanently decorate and add value to your rotationally molded polyolefin products. The clear-film Mold In Graphic® is positioned in the mold using Mold In Graphic® Adhesive. During the rotational molding process process, the Mold In Graphic® is completely absorbed into the wall of your product and protected by a layer of plastic.  Or try the versatile, Mold On Graphic® used with Mold On Graphic® Adhesive, applied after molding your polyolefin product.
Mold In Graphic Systems® permanent graphics are resistant to attack from severe environmental conditions, ultraviolet exposure, pressure washer cleaning and industrial chemicals or solvents.
All of our permanent graphics are Indestructible. They won’t peel, fade or chip – ever!
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