Mold In Graphics® & Mold On Graphics®

5th Generation Mold In Graphics®We Invented the “Original” In-Mold Graphic Process.

Traditional stickers and labels did not adhere well to PE, PP and TPO plastics, so MIGS® saw a need.

It’s the genuinely permanent, world’s leading in-mold decorating solution for rotationally molded plastic parts.

  • Better performing graphics that are tested and resist UV, weathering, chemicals and more
  • Stronger and easier to use decoration technology for in-mold use, even on difficult parts
  • Faster applications allows, with no spray adhesive needed, for quicker finishing of your decoration
  • Compatible with all mold temp ranges, makes it possible to decorate what you never thought was possible
  • Built to handle multiple textures, even aggressive shot peens
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MIGS® graphic applications include:

Single or Multi-Colored Messaging

Fine-line detailing that lasts when branding your products

Warning, Caution Signs and Safety Messaging

New MIG® 5 – Mold In Graphics® will retain your messages to help lower scrap rates

Instructional usage graphics

Instructional graphics for your rotomolded plastics that last

High contrast decoration for your plastics

The truly permanent way to decorate your message onto your rotomolded part

International Languages made permanent

Decorate any rotomolded parts with second language graphics for your users

Quality decoration for all languages

Permenant branding on your plastics for any location.

Retain Certification Labels

Meet any standards based qualifications for your decoration, like ASTM.

Qualify your certification branding with the MIG® 5

Rest assured, our graphics are permanent

Permanence for Your Infographics

Easily decorate your rotomolded parts with your Schematics, Recycling information and product data

Add more Details into your Branding

Achieve the message you want and retain that recognition permanently

Quality Graphics for Your Brand

Mold In Graphics® will outlast and outperform other decorating technologies for rotomolded parts

Retain Your Brand messaging

We are the Original innovator to in-mold decorating. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

Mold On Graphics with rotomolded productsAlready molded your products?
We developed Mold On Graphics® in 1997.

It’s the post-molding decorating solution. These graphics and labels are:

  • Permanently fused directly into the outer surface of Polyethylene products after the part has been molded or formed
  • Apply them now – or even years later
  • The quality is lasting, just like our Mold In Graphics®
  • Further enhances your brand recognition
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