Rotational Molding

Vibrant. Permanent. Value-adding. MIGS® Graphics and Products meet your Rotational Molding needs.

When we began creating permanent graphics and labels for plastic products in 1983, Mold In Graphic Systems® focused on Rotational Molding. The materials being used were, and continue to be, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and TPO. Today other materials to use with our in-mold graphics include Nylon and Vinyl.

MIGS® in-mold graphics and products stick with your products.

Traditional stickers and labels did not adhere well to PE, PP and TPO plastics, so MIGS® saw a need. We invented an in-mold graphic process and Enhancement Products that truly work in rotational molds. It’s the genuinely permanent in-mold solution.

Mr. Phil Dodge, most recently of Equistar-Lyondell Chemicals, and a respected member of the Association of Rotational Molders International (ARMI) Hall of Fame, sums it up well:

“Polyethylene, by its nature, does not lend itself to any method of paint adhesion. The polyethylene material is non-porous, it is resistant to attack by solvents useful in paint formulation, and it has a non-polar chemical structure.”

We have overcome these obstacles and explored new ideas that provide better methods to add value to your rotationally molded products. These include the use of graphics on what would otherwise be an ordinary, unbranded polyolefin product. Tried and true. Respected by customers across the globe.

And our Mold On Graphics® deliver beautiful post-mold results.

Already molded your products? We developed Mold On Graphics® in 1997. Use them on your products after molding. It’s the post-mold solution. These graphics and labels are permanently fused directly into the outer surface of Polyethylene products after the part has been molded or formed. Apply them now – or even years later. The quality is lasting day after day and year after year.

MIGS® graphic applications include:

  • Warning, caution and safety messages
  • Instructional usage graphics
  • Second language graphics
  • Product certification labels
  • Schematics
  • Recycling information
  • Company and product logos
  • Permanent product identification and scannable bar codes

You can also rotationally mold MIGS® graphics that require changing data, such as the date of manufacture, lot number, tank size, or an individualized product ID which are often critical if product warranties or tracking dates are required.

MIGS® graphic applications are easy to apply:

Use a MIGS® burnishing pad to place our Graphics on your products. Or save 46% of your employees’ time with our cost-effective MIGS® Power Burnisher. After burnishing, the secondary heat creates an unbreakable bond by encapsulating the compatible graphic designs within the polymer matrix.

Take a look at all of the quality Graphics and Enhancement Products we make for Rotational Molders on our Product List.


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