• How to Create Flanges, Tabs and inserts for plastics

How to Create Flanges, Tabs, and Inserts for Plastics

  – By Crisi Clark

Use RMC3 to create flanges, inserts, hinges and more for plastics

Everyone knows that Mold In Graphic Systems® is the best source for permanently decorating your rotationally molded product, but did you know that MIGS® also creates a wide variety of quality repair and plastics enhancement products used […]

  • recognize permanent branding for plastics

How Do You Recognize Permanent Branding for Plastics?

  – By Edgar Lucas

Other brnading methods degrade compared to Mold In Graphics®

Perhaps your choice of branding is not so permanent after all? As we go about our daily lives with routine visits for grocery shopping, taking an afternoon stroll through the park, or perhaps pulling that recycling bin to the […]

  • Mold In Graphics Values Face Time

The Value of Face-Time

  – By Clark Boyce

Staying in touch with customers is an important part of the service we provide. Face-to-face meetings add a personal touch and helps solidify our relationship with key partners. Personal meetings also help your customers to grow your business. I recently had the chance to visit one of our top customers, Centro Incorporated, […]

  • Rotomolding Plastics, Spell Problems For Decorators

Mozambique, Africa – PLASTEX Vision for Safe Water & Branding with Mold On Graphics®

  – By Nick Moldan

Mold In Graphic Systems® has customers in all corners of the globe and I was fortunate enough to recently spend a weekend as the guest of our good customer in Mozambique, PLASTEX.  This company has brought a vision of widespread availability and access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Its mission […]