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C6 Tecnologia Joins Forces with Mold In Graphic Systems in South America

 – By Edgar Lucas

Mold In Graphics® has recently entered in to an important partnership with C6 Tecnologia. As Mold In Graphic Systems® has set a high standard globally in the rotomolding industry for permanent branding of polyethylene products, and with a common core of ideas matching with C6, we saw this as a natural bond […]

  • How to Decorate at any mold temp

How To Decorate At Any Mold Temperature

 – By Clark Boyce

Rotomolding is all about heat, time and pressure. All 3 of those items are needed to produce a rotomolded polyolefin part. Controlling all those items consistently to produce the same part everyday is not as easy as just pushing a button to start a machine and filling the mold with resin. Add […]