• key log innovation puts new spin on old logging sport

Key Log™ Innovation Puts New Spin On Old Logging Sport

Historical Logging Sport Expanded
Since the 1880’s, the sport of log rolling has caught the interest of the world. This historical sport was derived from loggers who would prevent the logs from jamming up as they floated down the rivers during the 1880’s North American river log drives. The loggers took the challenge of balancing, walking […]

  • new North American Business Development Director Appointed

New North American Business Development Director Appointed

As Mold In Graphic Systems continues its innovation and growth after more than 30 years in business, the company is grateful to have many employees who have contributed to its success. One employee who stands out is Scott Saxman. After serving many years as the SVP of Sales for Mold In Graphic Systems, June 2016 […]