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JAWS Takes On Hobie Kayak Brand Fusion Label, Fusion Label Wins!

Written By: Noël Daigle

As a manufacturer of the world’s only Fusion Technology Labels for olefin-based plastics like polypropylene and polyethylene, Mold In Graphic Systems has conducted extensive harsh testing over the last 30+ years on its specialty labels in order to measure durability and life use integrity.

One piece of testing data we never thought we would see, happened off the coast of California last month.

On May […]

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Fusion Labeling Helps Snyder Industries Solve Customer Labeling Problem

Written By: Noël Daigle

Snyder Industries is a world leader when it comes to the design and manufacturing of durable plastic products. Serving a wide array of industries, they provide high quality designed plastic goods for storage, transportation, including transportation for chemicals, food handling materials, as well as durable goods for agriculture, mining, and pharmaceutical. This article […]