25 Years is a relative term depending on how you view it! If someone is 25 years old, we consider them young. But a 25 year old bottle of wine… now we’re talking about something that’s been aged to perfection! This year Mold in Graphic Systems® (MIGS®) is celebrating the 25th year of a product they call Surface Enhancer® 360. Just like an aged fine wine adds value to an aficionados vault, this innovative “magic in a can” continues to add tremendous value to a roto-molders toolbox. Although you may recognize MIGS as the inventors of the world’s best labeling technology for polyolefin plastics, you might not realize that MIGS invented the Surface Enhancer brand name too!

As shown in the video link above, Surface Enhancer 360 was created by MIGS R&D Director / Alan Reeves as a solution to a problem he was having. Little did Alan know at the time, but pretty much everyone else in the roto-molding industry was having the same problems to. And because MIGS has always been dedicated to helping roto-molders eliminate the frustration associated with labeling plastic, any product that could help molders make better parts was a natural addition to MIGS product offering.

25 Years Surface Enhancer Creates Better Polyolefin Products For MoldersAlthough there are a few copy-cat products in the market today, MIGS Surface Enhancer 360 continues to be the “go-to” brand because of its history and proven effectiveness in eliminating scrap in the roto-molding industry worldwide.

The “magic” behind MIGS Surface Enhancer product line is our proprietary technology that helps to promote resin flow into all areas of the mold, even the hard to reach areas. This gives each roto-molded product a smoother and more precise finish that eliminates pinholes, voids, blowouts, thinning and bridging.

Since 1985, MIGS has continually innovated, created and perfected the world’s best labeling and enhancement technologies for polyolefin plastics.

Even on the 25th birthday of the original Surface Enhancer 360 product, the company remains dedicated to roto-molders, blow-molders and injection molders with solutions that help them reduce cycle times while increasing the value of molded plastic products.

In addition to the Surface Enhancer 360, MIGS offers Surface Enhancer in a gel form, PL-S® Parting Line Sealer, Patch ‘N Go® and RMC3® Rotational Molding Compound.

So just as wine aficionados celebrate a finely aged 25 year old bottle of wine, the people at MIGS are celebrating 25 years of innovation. So to roto-molders all over the world, we raise our can of Surface Enhancer 360 and say “Salute”.

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