MIGS U Takes Durable Goods Branding And Product Training To A Whole New Level

BOOM! Branding & Training Event Success

Clark Boyce, leads instruction to attendees on MIG 5 Graphics.

Sharing knowledge and the collaboration of ideas is exactly what brought manufacturers, molders and end users together into the 2nd MIGS campus branding & training event. The goals are to bring new awareness to all attendees the ability of attaining more with their own brand, maintaining quality from start to finish, increasing ROI with our permanent labeling technology and understanding how their brands value should be received through the entire life cycle of their finished durable goods.

Attendees from all over the U.S. & Canada came to not only see the beautiful landscape of northern Arizona but to discover that extra boost needed to have their customers Brand standout. Kayak, cooler, water tank, mold making companies and more came in quietly and questioning, while unexpectedly finishing their training and leaving as confident reinforcers ready to punch their customers brands to the next level. We call them #labelfreaks, and they are part of our team and compass toward quality.

BOOM! Branding & Training Event Success

Scott Doyle from Elkhart Plastics perfects his MIG 5 application.

MIGS TEAM Members honed their teaching skills last week, as industry molders and end-users alike, connected on MIGS Campus to knowledge share about MIGS unique #labelfreak graphics technology, problem solving, company culture, facilitating industry connections, and branding.

“We are a group of #labelfreak Branding Specialists partnering with plastics molders to give our Brand Customers the best experience and ROI that ultimately serves their end customers the best perception of value available!” Said MIGS President, Matt Stevenson.

1018_MIGS_BrandingTraining_Event_SlideGroupsThe Sales and R&D TEAM taught smaller setting classes designed specifically to help our partners and brand customers achieve maximum success in the field as they use our graphics.

Smaller class sizes allowed the instructors the ability to offer one-on-one instruction and hands on training experience for attendees, as they taught the step by step process for achieving higher quality when decorating the durable goods for true permanency.

2nd MIGS Branding & Training Event Success

Avantech President Tom Innis shares at MIGS Brand & Training Event.

In between MIGS University hands on training classes and knowledge sharing, guests were treated to lunch, dinner, and a presentation from Avantech President and guest speaker Tom Innis, as he shared his thoughts on starting a “Roto-Revolution”. Tom’s main point was that the old school thinking about rotational molding and its supposed limitations need to be left in the past while fresh new ideas that focus on “thinking outside the box” can start a revolution that leads our industry well into the future.

After the almost two day event, some of the attendees continued their discoveries around the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona to explore nearby Sedona and the Grand Canyon. We know our brand partners returned back to their home states, confident that they could pass on what they had learned about MIGS Total Value Proposition.


Newly Certified Labelfreaks finishing their Branding Training at Mold In Graphic Systems.

“Customer Brands enhanced by Partners Products & Our Labels. A Proven & Permanent Investments That Consistently Stirs Emotion While Taking Anything Tomorrow Will Bring.”

Mold In Graphic Systems – one label. one time. your future.

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