Arizona Landscape Inspires Culture & Innovation For Plastics Labeling Company

Arizona Landscape Inspires Culture & Innovation For Plastics Labeling Company

Montezuma Castle National Monument protects a set of well-preserved dwellings located in Camp Verde, Arizona.

Looking at some of the images in this article you will find beautiful landscapes, stories of native history and culture to northern Arizona. You may also find inspiration, reprieve from the mundane and a new found interest to travel to northern Arizona for vacation.

Arizona Landscape Inspires Culture & Innovation For Plastics Labeling Company

Red Rock State Park views from Sedona, Arizona.

These are just a few of the spectacular views that Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS) employees get to immerse themselves in every day. Many of us at MIGS are outdoorsman, cyclists, hunters, mountain bikers, hikers, gardeners and creative crafters who enjoy the outdoors for relaxation and inspiration. Our backyard is not only unbelievably beautiful, but has also brought a positive outlook and view in retrospect to where MIGS has been aiming for since its beginning. Growth, prosperity and originality!

Mike Stevenson, founded this company in 1983. When he first saw this piece of land in the old mining town of Clarkdale, Arizona that our business is now sitting on, it wasn’t zoned for Industrial access, and the city wanted him to put up shop in a more crowded part of town.

Arizona Landscape Inspires Culture & Innovation For Plastics Labeling Company

MIGS Team members collaborate fresh ideas in outside break area, with Mingus mountain in surrounding view.

There was a reason our company founder picked this piece of property with its expanded views of the northern Arizona the valley. Looking back, we believe he saw a greater outlook that would complement his overall view of where he wanted to lead MIGS as a company. Now every employee who works here gets to enjoy waking up in the morning and going to work in a place where the views are inspiring and provide a refreshing retrospect on being able to work as part of the MIGS Team.

When asked what their favorite aspects about living and working in this area were, MIGS CEO, Marty Mares said “Driving the hour it takes me to get to work from my home in Flagstaff each morning is one of the best parts of my day. I love the serenity of the drive, and as a cyclist, the views are beautiful, the weather is gorgeous. That’s why you’ll see me on my lunch break three times a week cycling.”

Arizona Landscape Inspires Culture & Innovation For Plastics Labeling Company

Colorful panaromic view looking over Flagstaff, AZ

Kamla, one of our Brand Specialists said, “One of my favorite things about this area is the rich history. Tuzigoot is one of my favorite places. It’s beautiful and impressive! Makes me wonder what brought many Native Americans to this area, and it’s probably similar to what brought us here. The beauty, the river and the views.”

Branding Specialist, Shane Reeves, had this to say: “I love looking up at the mountain and being able to see the Historic mining town of Jerome in one direction, in the other, I can look down to see Clarkdale. Just thinking of all the many different kinds of people who have settled here throughout history, and what their life would have been like, along with the Native American culture. It’s really fascinating to think about how many different perspectives and lives have grown out of this area throughout history.”

Arizona Landscape Inspires Culture & Innovation For Plastics Labeling Company

Historic Jerome, AZ mining town settlers group together for a photo break.

The Team here at MIGS gets a healthy dosage of inspiration from the Arizona desert landscapes and history surrounding us, as well as from the hands on innovation that owner, Mike Stevenson, started and has continued for us since 1983. Our surrounding views and internal company innovation has allowed us to see the possibilities in our area and has also kept us focused on the growth and potential of what our products can achieve for us and our customers.

Working towards new growth, best in class quality, and expanding innovation for permanently labeling polyolefin plastics is always a goal for us along with our business partners. Regardless if our inspiration comes from getting outdoors and experiencing a view from the distances across the valley, we find that it is important to keep our health and creative juices flowing to stay innovative and original.

What helps us can help you too! Make time each day to enjoy an inspirational view or the culture and history of the town you live / work in. Doing so can be a great place to boost originality for your brand and company outlook. Or maybe enjoy a group outing in a fresh new setting as a team building activity. Reaching goals can be challenging, so it’s worthwhile for teams and companies to have forms of inspiration to continue on our various paths toward success.

Arizona Landscape Inspires Culture & Innovation For Plastics Labeling Company

Panoramic view of MIGS campus and Mingus mountains above Jerome, AZ.

If your goal is seeing a beautiful area, the people at MIGS are here to help. We welcome any and all visitors to our campus who want to check out the beautiful landscapes and culture of northern Arizona.

If your goal is labeling of polyethylene or polypropylene plastic, the people at MIGS are here to help.

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