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How Surface Enhancer Brand Just Left Imitators In The Dust!

Written By: Noelle Daigle

While imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery, imitators are never quite like the original, and we couldn’t agree more.

In 1992, Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS®) invented the rotomolding industry’s first resin flow promoting spray known as Surface Enhancer®. Since then, Surface Enhancer brand has become the go to for molders […]

  • DeepWater Buoyancy Utilizes Fusion Labeling Technology

DeepWater Buoyancy Utilizes Fusion Labeling Technology

Written By: Noël Daigle

6,000 thousand meters below the sea is known as the “Deep Ocean.” Temperatures drop to 36°F, light vanishes completely, and pressure builds to 8,600 PSI. This is where subsea products manufacturer, DeepWater Buoyancy, thrives; spending an average of two weeks to over 30 years within this extremely harsh environment.

DeepWater Buoyancy is the […]

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JAWS Takes On Hobie Kayak Brand Fusion Label, Fusion Label Wins!

Written By: Noël Daigle

As a manufacturer of the world’s only Fusion Technology Labels for olefin-based plastics like polypropylene and polyethylene, Mold In Graphic Systems has conducted extensive harsh testing over the last 30+ years on its specialty labels in order to measure durability and life use integrity.

One piece of testing data we never thought we would see, happened off the coast of California last month.

On May […]

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Fusion Labeling Helps Snyder Industries Solve Customer Labeling Problem

Written By: Noël Daigle

Snyder Industries is a world leader when it comes to the design and manufacturing of durable plastic products. Serving a wide array of industries, they provide high quality designed plastic goods for storage, transportation, including transportation for chemicals, food handling materials, as well as durable goods for agriculture, mining, and pharmaceutical. This article […]

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A Letter To Everyone Who Is Fighting

Written By: Noël Daigle

We are all fighting this beast of a virus in some way.

Some of you are isolated at home, protected, but lives feeling upended, navigating the home schooling of children and rationing the supplies. Some of you are watching business ramp up, as companies in the private sector have all hands on deck, […]

  • Cattle Company Starts Two-Seater Catamarans

Cattle Company Starts Two Seater Catamarans

 Written By: Noël Daigle

If a 500 acre working cattle ranch sounds like a lot for a person to handle, (a full time, round the clock job all to itself), you’d be right. But Doug Hassell likes to stay busy, and his newest venture is keeping him right on track with the same forecast of a […]

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Mold In Graphic Systems Pursues ISO 9001 Certification In 2020

Mold In Graphics Systems® (MIGS) and sister company Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation are committed to continuous improvement. To prove this, MIGS team is focusing on a new milestone towards ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 certification is a set of standards, internationally recognized, meant to promote quality management and assurance designed to help companies implement and keep track […]

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The Only Dog Kennel You’ll Ever Need Using The Only Label You’ll Ever Need

What kind of story do you get when it’s all about hard work, perseverance, and an idea for a product that can save lives during an unpredictable emergency?

Well, you get an American success story.

Take this scenario, for example. Most people drive vehicles. We tend to drive them around without a second thought, but life is […]