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What I Learned About Coracles & Corcl’s

For centuries, people have been encountering challenges, and overcoming them. Every person who’s ever walked the earth has had to face adversity, but some have shown just how deeply their will to succeed runs.

Vikings conquered the seas and with them, the myth of the “edge of the world.”  Humans envisioned winged structures in the sky, […]

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Plastics Labeling & Applications Experts Connect Family To Technology Success

Edgar Lucas, Plastics Labeling & Applications Expert, returns to the MIGS family.

It was a brisk spring day in 2015 when Edgar Lucas got a call from his good friend Jacob about a position opening up at Mold In Graphic Systems. Edgar applied for the position, landed the job, but that is […]

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How I Became A Certified #labelfreak

Owner, Mike Stevenson, the original #labelfreak, circa 1984 to present.

“I have been working with MIGS for years and I learned new information today about old products. Awesome!” – Kathy Gorey / Pelican Products

Over 40 years ago, the Founder of Mold in Graphic Systems had a vision. Mike Stevenson simply saw the […]

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NASCAR Driver Collides With Polymarker At Dover International Speedway

Mold In Graphic Systems (MIGS) recently provided a sneak-peek of our newest development at one of the biggest events in American auto racing…NASCAR®!

Auto racing’s favorite sport, met innovation this past weekend, when driver Ryan Newman debuted an innovative new product from Mold In Graphic Systems at the Dover International Speedway in Delaware (the 14th race […]

  • Mold in Graphic Systems Celebrates 25 Year Partnership with Dram srl

MIGS Celebrates 25 Year Partnership With DRAM srl

Mold in Graphic Systems Celebrates 25 Year Partnership with Dram srl

Mold in Graphic Systems® is proud to announce 25 years working with Dram srl in Italy as they celebrate their 25 year anniversary!

Dram’s success comes from years of experience while offering a range of products and services to rotomolders across Europe. […]

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8 Secrets To Changing A Company Culture

Think about all the New Year’s Resolutions we set for ourselves each January. Mental promises to stick to a healthy fitness and diet regimen, to sign up for those dancing, cooking, or Jiu Jitsu classes you’ve been meaning to try, planning to write that manuscript for a book idea that’s been living in your thoughts […]

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MIGS Visits Nordic ARM In Norway

It has been 6 years since Mold In Graphic Systems (MIGS) first attended the Nordic ARM conference and it has grown into a truly quality event, with a broad and interesting range of speakers, workshops, table-tops, Cipax factory tour and an excellent networking dinner – which included the traditional Nordic ARM Quiz.  This was won […]

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Employee Tenure Boosts Company Unity

Retirement is a long awaited goal which many have in mind at some point in their career. The journey itself often includes success and trials alongside colleagues and loved ones. For one long-time MIGS family member that goal has finally come to fruition and reading on you will find how employee tenure can have a […]