• A Lean Approach To Improving Plastic Labeling Technology

A Lean Approach To Improving Plastic Labeling Technology

Mold In Graphic Systems® is always striving to reach and expand its internal company goals to make sure they exceed the customer needs and product quality goals. In doing so, it has allowed the company to have a lasting affect with our brand and products into the joined success of our customers and business partners. […]

  • Poer of Branding at Shanghao Rotomoulding Conference

Power of Branding At Shanghai Rotomoulding Conference

An invitation to present at the annual rotomoulding conference in Shanghai in March 2017 was a terrific opportunity for Mold In Graphic Systems® to introduce our unique polyolefin branding technologies to new customers, as well as meet many of our old friends and customers in the region.  Several rotomoulders were also visited in the Shanghai/Cixi […]

  • How innovation & company culture drives success

How Innovation & Company Culture Drives Success

Our team members get asked a question all the time, “As a company, what does Mold In Graphic Systems® do in the small town of Clarkdale, Arizona, USA?” Since much of what we do is surrounded by proprietary processes and technology, it’s a hard question to answer. Many in the world recognize Mold in Graphic […]

  • 0417_MIGS_Blog_Feature_MartyShavedHead

CEO Shaves Head To Celebrate Company Milestone

As Mold in Graphic Systems® begins the start of its 34th fiscal New Year our company is celebrating a major milestone. Last year, a challenge was presented to our sales team that said our President / Matt Stevenson, Executive VP of Operations / Darren Gemmill and CEO / Marty Mares would shave their heads if […]

  • Repair Kayaks and Plastics on the go

Repair Kayaks And Plastics On The Go

Problems in rotomolding are not new and of course will always be there. There are preventative measures taken before the molding process that Mold In Graphic Systems® surely has successful solutions for, but what about after the molded product comes out of the oven? Historically if your part comes out with holes, gaps or blemishes […]

  • Experienced Employees Lead to Great Innovation

Experienced Employees Lead to Great Innovation

Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS®).  A name synonymous within the rotational molding industry for over 30 years, and a name widely known as being the worldwide leader in polyolefin plastics decorating.

We are a manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience and 100+ employees.  Sometimes, it’s good for a company like ours to take a […]

  • Get Solid Features with rotomolded plastic parts

Get Solid Features With Rotomolded Plastic Parts

Throughout the molding process there might be some mold areas that, when finishing a plastic part, are vulnerable to causing varying wall thicknesses or small functionality sections that are critical to mold solid and strong components. Molders have searched for different methods on how to achieve a predictable and solid feature in the parts. Though […]

  • How To Solve Parting Line Issues When Rotomolding

How To Solve Parting Line Issues When Rotomolding

Rotomolders around the world are in search of reduced scrap rates, production efficiency and improved product quality, right? If not, then they should be. Common problems that occur in rotomolding are mold parting line failures, which can include mismatched parting lines or mold parting lines that may be damaged in a way that starts to […]