Written by: Noël Daigle

Family-owned businesses are the backbone of the North American economy. In the United States, there are an estimated 5.5 million family businesses. In Canada, where our story takes place, family-owned enterprise is responsible for approximately $574.6 billion in goods and services produced in 2017 which can be translated to about 35% of Canada’s real gross domestic product and 48.9% of its private-sector output.

One such family-owned company is Buffer Valley Industries, which began in 1995 through the partnership of father and son Louis and Brian Florizone. They started creating feed carts, hog boards, feeding troughs, and other equipment.

Family-Owned Businesses Like Buffer Valley Industries Are The Backbone of Canadian EconomyThis was used to help expand Florizone’s hog operation. As they developed their business, the 100- and 150-bushel hopper bottom grain bin was created.

This product is a solution for storing seed, feed, and fertilizer. This feed bin has been sold across Western Canada and it continues to be one of Buffer Valley’s defining items.

Unfortunately, in 2007, due to market conditions, Brian Florizone decided to shut down the hog boards operation. He proceeded to focus primarily on the other products for the business. In 2020, his son, Jordan Florizone, bought into the farm-business and has been working to help improve the company even more.

27 years later the company has become a pinnacle of farm storage solutions for many customers. With over 40 dealers across North America, this family business has grown and continues to grow.

The product line expanded to include versatile and portable Pallet Grain Bins, consisting of four different models, as well as Tote Containers to solve the various storage needs on farms and businesses.

What Sets Buffer Valley’s Products Apart From The Competition?

Family-Owned Businesses Like Buffer Valley Industries Are The Backbone of Canadian EconomyAll Buffer Valley Industries products are made 100% in house. From steel fabrication to rotational molding of plastics, they can do it all.

They also do custom fabrication of molds for clients and other business’ products.

“Other competitors don’t compare to the security and strength of our product. We ensure our products last the test of time, and the 27 years they have been out there is proof of that. Finally, we have virtually zero plastic waste due to our recycling systems. We save all our scrap plastic to be reground into powder and used in future projects.” – Jordan Florizone, Junior Partner of Buffer Valley Industries

When asked about what the future looks like for the company, Jordan responded, “Our mission is to become a leader in poly grain bin fabrication in the agricultural industry. We have greatly expanded our reach over the past couple years and would like to continue that expansion into Eastern Canada and the USA.”

One accomplishment they are very proud, being a Canadian-based company, is that they also have dealership in Australia! “We just recently started shipping internationally into the States as well which is a first for us. We started off as farmers but have really grown into our roles as businessmen and manufacturers,” stated Jordan.

The company chooses to utilize Mold In Graphic Polymer Fusion Labels on their products because brand awareness is so vital to their business. Their products are also subjected to the elements and must stand the test of time as much as the product itself does.

Family-Owned Businesses Like Buffer Valley Industries Are The Backbone of Canadian EconomyJordan said, “Before Mold In Graphics, we never had a good way of branding our poly grain bins. Now, we have a way to showcase our product without having to worry about stickers falling off or fading. The design and style are crisp and vibrant. It has saved us time and made us money through brand recognition.”

Mold In Graphic Systems is proud to do business with another family-started and owned business and we look forward to helping them decorate their amazing products for years to come.

To learn more about Buffer Valley Industries, visit their website at https://buffervalley.com/.

To learn more about Polymer Fusion Labeling Solutions for olefin durable plastics, call us at 928-634-8888.

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