C3 Custom Coolers feature MIG 5 Graphics  – By Crisi Clark

With Memorial Day and camping season just around the corner, I began to envision ways to make my outdoor experience more pleasurable. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a cooler I didn’t have to carry? Wouldn’t it be even better to have permanently decorated graphics on the cooler of my favorite sports team?” Well, our friends over at C³ Custom Coolers, LLC have a designed just that!

The C3 Rover Cooler is equipped with a remote control rechargeable electric engine, plus a set of powerful speakers and auxiliary input for your audio device so you can listen to music while your cooler does all the work. But best of all, these high end polyethylene coolers come with great looking / permanent graphics of your favorite sports team provided by Mold In Graphic Systems®.

C3 Custom Coolers cares about providing astounding coolers so when they approached me seeking great looking and durable in mold labels, I was instantly intrigued and knew Mold In Graphic Systems® technology would be the perfect way to decorate this unique product. I thought about a football game where coolers with stickers/ decals of opposing teams can be removed. Mold In Graphics® solves this dilemma by providing permanent labeling that cannot be removed for the entire life of the product.

C3_RoverCooler_side2I enjoy working with C3 Custom Coolers and am proud they have selected Mold In Graphic Systems®. We love to decorate polyolefin plastic parts, but it’s even more fun when products are something as cool as the C3 Rover Cooler. To get yours check them out at www.c3customcoolers.com. You’ll be the hit of your next tailgate party with a cooler that will look nice for years because it has permanent ultra violet resistant graphics. C3 Custom Coolers and Mold In Graphic Systems® will make sure your cooler remains a dedicated fan of your favorite sports team for as long as you are.

Rotomolders of coolers, outdoor gear and more… check out what the MIG® 5 graphic can offer you here.

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