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C6 Tecnologia Joins Forces with Mold In Graphic Systems in South AmericaMold In Graphics® has recently entered in to an important partnership with C6 Tecnologia. As Mold In Graphic Systems® has set a high standard globally in the rotomolding industry for permanent branding of polyethylene products, and with a common core of ideas matching with C6, we saw this as a natural bond for MIGS® & C6 Tecnologia. This is essential to develop and grow the South American polyethylene product branding opportunities from the MIGS® product line.

Founded in 2009 by Marco Nunes, C6 Tecnologia is a consulting firm based in Campinas São Paulo, Brasil. C6 Tecnologia is an assembled team of experts with extensive background knowledge in the rotomolding industry. Marco Nunes and his team have been involved in the rotomolding industry since 1996 and are experienced in several training projects, process improvements, product developments, and complete implementations of entire factories in the rotomolding industry.

C6 Tecnologia Joins Forces with Mold In Graphic Systems in South America

Marco Nunes, founder of C6 Tecnologia, providing new training.

C6 Tecnologia is dedicated to the rotomolding industry, they believe in higher quality products, exceeding expectations, and offering consistent performance. C6 Tecnologia continues to unveil solutions to promote growth and development of the rotomolding industry. Mold In Graphics® together with C6 Tecnologia will continue to offer essential products to existing and new clients all across Brasil and South America. Essential products from MIGS such as Surface Enhancer®, Patch N’ Go®, Parting Line Sealer™, RMC3® and graphic consulting will be available all across the region of South America with shorter lead times, and lower freight costs. This means that our customers will continue to benefit from our high quality products at much lower costs and quicker delivery.

For over 30 years we have continued to introduce innovative processes with our Mold in Graphics® & Mold On Graphics® to permanently brand your products. C6 Tecnologia has proven to be an essential asset to the rotomolding Industry, together we strive to bring more on site support for our customers in the rotomolding industry in Brasil and the rest of South America.

C6 Tecnologia Joins Forces with Mold In Graphic Systems in South AmericaC6 Tecnologia offers consulting services in the rotomolding industry, finding the right machines for your operations, outfitting you with the best molds for your products and of course, access to Mold In Graphics® line of products. If you’d like to learn more about C6 Tecnologia and the products & services they offer please contact Marco Nunes at mnunes@c6tecnologia.com.br or contato@c6tecnologia.com.br. You can also find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/C6Tecnologia

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