Our Culture

  1. Mold In Graphic Systems (MIGS) produces labels that go onto plastic parts people use every day (think kayaks, trash cans, mop buckets, your car etc.).
  2. We are striving to build a positive culture that will help us to improve our and our customers lives on a daily basis.
  3. As #labelfreaks, every TEAM member at Mold In Graphics comes to work every day with the mindset to improve everything we do.
  4. We are quality people making quality products since 1983.

We Have Strong Core Values:


Only You can shine like You.

Be The Best You

Be Humble, Share Your Best and Improve Everyday.

Mind Blowing Service

Pay attention to the extra little things that could make someone smile.

Go That Extra Mile

Don’t be afraid of a little hard work, it goes a long way.


Be humble and gracious when sharing opportunities to improve things for the TEAM.

Share Your Success & Share When You Need Help

We are all here to help IMPROVE our work and our way of living.

Growth, People & Processes

Be open to improving on a daily basis.

Set Yourself Open for Learning

Problem solving can be fun, and it can save you time and effort.

Safe & Clean Environments

Everyone smiles and humbly keeps to simple daily cleanliness routines.

Sort, Straighten and Shine Up

We take pride in our healthy and clean environments, and it helps us stay focused and efficient.

Knowledge Sharing

We get inspired daily by new ways and approaches to improving our quality of products, services and TEAM culture.

LEAN & Learning

LEAN processing is a simple and fun way to approach our improvements. Sharing is Caring!

Humor is Mandatory

Everyone must laugh to truly enjoy life. Let it Go!

Smiling is Mandatory

Smiles are a simple and profound way to let the TEAM know you are here, present minded, and ready to enjoy the day.

Humility, Gratitude & Recognition

It's okay to admit mistakes, improve upon mistakes, ask for help and give shout outs to those who helped you.

We Say Please and Thank You!

We are here to help each other improve. Onward and forward!

Forging Family Strong Relationships

Being there for TEAM members when they need it.

Share Your Stories With Each Other

Don’t be afraid to just listen.


That extra moment of effort or thoughtfulness can affect someone or something for a lifetime.

Sacrifice A Moment of Your Time

Always Try and Give A Little More. Share an extra bit of encouragement.

We Have Aspirational Values:

We Believe In The LEAN Principle of Eliminating The 8 Deadly Wastes.
Or better put, we FIX WHAT BUGS US.

  • OVER PRODUCTION creates…
  • TRANSPORTATION to facilitate…
  • EXCESS INVENTORY that increases…
  • DEFECTS which adds…
  • OVER PROCESSING to already…
  • WASTED MOTION and additional…
  • WAITING TIME for our customers…
  • all this leads to…WASTED EMPLOYEE POTENTIAL.


Current Job Openings


Entry Level Manufacturing

This individual will be responsible for processing customers’ daily orders. Ability to work well with other departments and an eye for continued quality. Outstanding communication skills and an “always improving everything we do” mindset are a must!

Maintenance Assistant

This individual will be responsible for maintenance of the facility. Ability to work well with other departments and an eye for continued quality. Some electrical, welding and HVAC experience a plus. Outstanding communication skills and an “always improving everything we do” mindset are a must!

Distribution Clerk

This individual will be responsible for packaging and shipping customers’ daily orders. Ability to work well with other departments and an eye for continued quality. Outstanding communication skills and an “always improving everything we do” mindset are a must!



1. What Type of TEAM Members Are We Looking For?

Answer:  Our hiring motto is, “We hire for character and we teach for skill”! We are looking for people to be a part of our amazing culture who want to serve both our internal customers (TEAM members) and external customers (those who buy our products) with the best quality service we can offer!

2. How Do I Apply For A Job?

Answer:  First, we’re thrilled that you want to work at MIGS. In order to apply, please visit the Ready to Join Our TEAM? tab at the top of this page. There’s an application for employment and drug test consent form to be filled out and submitted for review by our HR Team.

3. What To Expect After Applying For A Job?

Answer:  Think you’re fit to be a Labelfreak? Here’s what’s next!

First, thank you for taking the time to submit your completed application and drug test consent form and for your interest in joining our TEAM and our company. The application you’ve submitted will be reviewed by our HR Team.

Those considered qualified for an open position will be scheduled for interviews. After the interview process, a final selection will be made and an offer extended, pending the results of a pre-employment drug screen and reference checks. Regardless of the outcome of the interview process, the HR Team will call you to let you know the results.

Once on the TEAM, you will go through our Labelfreak Orientation which will help you become familiar with what a TEAM member is as a representative of Mold In Graphic Systems, along with safety and job specific training.

* All applications are kept on file for one year from date of submission. Applications are reviewed and considered as positions become available throughout the year.


Have Additional Questions About Our Job Application Process?

Contact hr@moldingraphics.com.

Ready To Join Our TEAM?

Please Complete The Steps Below To Submit Your Application:

STEP 1:  Complete The Career Application Form.

Please list present and past employment, beginning with the most recent on the application (a minimum of 3, if applicable).

Online – Career Application Form
PDF Download – Career Application Form

STEP 2:   Download, fill out, and save your completed Applicant Drug Testing Consent Agreement to your computer.

Download Applicant Drug Testing Consent Agreement

**If emailing your forms back to us, please make sure to include attachments of your resume and any reference letters, sending them to hr@moldingraphics.com.

**Use Either The Online Form Or Download & Complete the PDF version to mail or drop off at the following address:

Mold In Graphic Systems
999 W. State Route 89A,
Clarkdale, AZ 86324