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The Secret To Stop Resin Loss & Perfect Parting Lines While Molding

Chances are, if you’re reading this and in the business of rotomolding plastic polyethylene or polyolefin parts, you have experienced the frustration of imperfect parting lines that cause you to either A). Waste time trying to figure out an inconsistent solution, or B). You’ve been forced to scrap the part completely which translates directly to […]

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The Secret To Making Perfect Rotomolded Products Every Time

How Surface Enhancer Was Created For Rotomolders
In 1993, Research and Development Director, Alan Reeves, was planning to represent the company’s labeling technology at an upcoming Rotomolding trade show. Wanting to get Mold In Graphics name out there a bit more in the kayaking industry, he planned to showcase our permanent labels in a unique way. […]

  • How To Solve Parting Line Issues When Rotomolding

How To Solve Parting Line Issues When Rotomolding

Rotomolders around the world are in search of reduced scrap rates, production efficiency and improved product quality, right? If not, then they should be. Common problems that occur in rotomolding are mold parting line failures, which can include mismatched parting lines or mold parting lines that may be damaged in a way that starts to […]

  • Mold Release Residue Issues Call for Multi-Clean

Mold Release Residue Issues Call For Multi-Clean

Residue build-up on molds may not seem like such a big issue, but to rotomolders there is an understanding of how serious it can become. There are numerous root causes for release residue buildup, from lack of venting, to plateout from the buildup of resin material, residue from the plastic causing cavity discoloration, flame-retardant additives, […]

  • Demonstrating Mold In Graphics At ARM-CE Germany

Demonstrating Mold In Graphics At ARM-CE Germany

By Nick Moldan

PlasTec Technology, Trappenkamp, Germany.

I was recently invited to join the Matrix Polymers sales and technical team at the annual ARM-Central Europe conference on the 7th and 8th of November.  Matrix (UK and Poland), along with Dram in Italy and Rotolink in Finland, are the European importers and distributors of […]

  • How To Solve Resin Flow Problems When Molding

How To Solve Resin Flow Problems When Molding

Since the invention of rotomolding, molders have faced many challenges. For years, those challenges were simply accepted, and for some, those problems persist to this day. They say necessity is the mother of invention, so if there are problems, there will always be people who work to solve them. For Mold In Graphics Systems® in […]

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MIGS Successful Showcase At ARM 2016

Scott and Clark with Dru Laws, VP of ARM and President of ARM, Conchita Miranda.

Our Mold In Graphic Systems team is delighted to have attended the annual ARM show, which is advancing the rotomolding industry. MIGS® has not only stood out since it was founded over 35 years ago, it has […]

  • SUrfaces Cleaned & Shined with New Multi-Clean

Surfaces Cleaned & Shined With New Multi-Clean

Mold In Graphic Systems has just released a new addition to the Surface Enhancement product line which you can view here. The latest addition is the professional series Multi-Clean all-purpose cleaner. This product is a water-based formula that is easy to spray and safe to use on plastics, molds, many hard surfaces, and cleans up […]