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Powersports Products, Polyolefin Plastics & The Permanent Labels That Should Be Adorning Them

Powersports Products, Polyolefin Plastics & The Permanent Labels That Should Be Adorning Them
By Matthew Stevenson

“the global polyolefin market size was estimated at 149.78 million tons in 2016” – Grand View Research

In 2014, Sea-Doo® made a monumental shift in how they manufactured their watercraft! Industrial Designers & Engineers made a technological advancement that moved Sea-Doo to […]

  • How To Choose The Most Durable Labels For Mowers

How To Choose The Most Durable Labels For Mowers

The Zero-Turn, Stand-Behind and Push-Mowers industry is growing and there’s a reason why. Technological innovations have enhanced the lawn care and maintenance experience to new levels of use and comfort. An increase in both commercial and residential use has brought with it a need for more durable components including the plastics that make up so […]

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25 Years Surface Enhancer Creates Better Polyolefin Products For Molders

25 Years is a relative term depending on how you view it! If someone is 25 years old, we consider them young. But a 25 year old bottle of wine… now we’re talking about something that’s been aged to perfection! This year Mold in Graphic Systems® (MIGS®) is celebrating the 25th year of a product […]

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10 Things To Avoid When Decorating Plastics

If you have attempted to decorate polyolefin plastics for any durable goods like a trash can, kayak, waste bin, beverage cooler, storage or tote bin, plastic handles, reusable beverage containers, medical storage devices, automotive components under the hood or inside the vehicle or signage then read on.

It is highly likely that you or your company […]

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Wellness Challenge For Increased Efficiency

Every business, no matter how big or small, should have some kind of community building effort to provide team awareness and appreciation to help the groups “gel”. Even little side activities can reinforce a positive atmosphere and increase company efficiencies. Work efficiency and motivation can dwindle throughout the day, but a little effort can help […]

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Visiting Outdoor Retailer Show In Utah

At the Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah.

Innovation is constantly flowing from individuals and businesses, especially in the active and growing market that is everything “outdoorsy”. You can imagine the large collections of gear, clothing, apparel, and accessories made specifically for hiking, climbing, running, fishing, water sports, hunting, camping, biking, cycling and […]

  • key log innovation puts new spin on old logging sport

Key Log™ Innovation Puts New Spin On Old Logging Sport

Historical Logging Sport Expanded
Since the 1880’s, the sport of log rolling has caught the interest of the world. This historical sport was derived from loggers who would prevent the logs from jamming up as they floated down the rivers during the 1880’s North American river log drives. The loggers took the challenge of balancing, walking […]

  • new North American Business Development Director Appointed

New North American Business Development Director Appointed

As Mold In Graphic Systems continues its innovation and growth after more than 30 years in business, the company is grateful to have many employees who have contributed to its success. One employee who stands out is Scott Saxman. After serving many years as the SVP of Sales for Mold In Graphic Systems, June 2016 […]