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MIGS® Hosts BBI For Demo Of Acumatica Manufacturing ERP

Written By: Noelle Daigle

On Wednesday February 17, 2021, Polyfuze Graphics/ Mold In Graphic Systems (MIGS®) hosted four visitors from BB Industries (BBI): Rick Stimac / CEO, Patrik Knudsen / CFO, Jeff Dykstra/ VP of Sales & Marketing, and Ted Carver /Director of Logistics.

BB Industries is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and  are the nation’s top supplier […]

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Polymer Tech Company Announces Surface Enhancer PREVENT, Seeks Global Distributors For Innovative Product Line

Written By: Noelle Daigle

Mold In Graphics Systems and Polyfuze Corporation are U.S. based Polymer Technology companies with a suite of unique and disruptive specialty products. Mold In Graphic Systems has continually provided rotational molders with innovative technologies designed to support and improve the manufacturing process for the rotational molding industry. These initiatives on the part […]

  • How To Solve Parting Line Issues When Rotomolding

How To Solve Parting Line Issues When Rotomolding

Rotomolders around the world are in search of reduced scrap rates, production efficiency and improved product quality, right? If not, then they should be. Common problems that occur in rotomolding are mold parting line failures, which can include mismatched parting lines or mold parting lines that may be damaged in a way that starts to […]

  • PL-S® Troubleshoots Flashing & More for Molders

PL-S® Troubleshoots Flashing & More for Molders

 – By Crisi Clark
Do you have problems with damaged, worn or mismatched parting lines on your molds?
How much does your company lose in time and money that is spent on these repairs?
Problems with damaged molds can cause extraneous voids in the product which can add to excessive scrap, loss in production time from rerunning product, […]