• Get Solid Features with rotomolded plastic parts

Get Solid Features With Rotomolded Plastic Parts

Throughout the molding process there might be some mold areas that, when finishing a plastic part, are vulnerable to causing varying wall thicknesses or small functionality sections that are critical to mold solid and strong components. Molders have searched for different methods on how to achieve a predictable and solid feature in the parts. Though […]

  • How to Create Flanges, Tabs and inserts for plastics

How to Create Flanges, Tabs, and Inserts for Plastics

  – By Crisi Clark

Use RMC3 to create flanges, inserts, hinges and more for plastics

Everyone knows that Mold In Graphic Systems® is the best source for permanently decorating your rotationally molded product, but did you know that MIGS® also creates a wide variety of quality repair and plastics enhancement products used […]