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Confessions Of A Navy Diver Turned Finance Specialist

Written by: Noël Daigle

Scientists have successfully photographed a black hole, landed rovers on Mars, sent spacecraft to the dark side of the moon, and have regularly dominated travel by air for many years now. Humans exist and live in almost every known environment on earth, from summery, humid tropics to frigid, freezing Siberian and Antarctic […]

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United States Representative For District 4 Offers Support To Growing Arizona Based Manufacturer

Written By: Marty Mares

On Wednesday May 5, 2021, Mold in Graphic Systems / Polyfuze Graphics Corporation was delighted to receive a visit from United States Representative […]

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A Letter To Everyone Who Is Fighting

Written By: Noël Daigle

We are all fighting this beast of a virus in some way.

Some of you are isolated at home, protected, but lives feeling upended, navigating the home schooling of children and rationing the supplies. Some of you are watching business ramp up, as companies in the private sector have all hands on deck, […]

  • Trading Speedy Service For A Quality Product Experience

Creating A Quality Product Experience

In today’s world there are many examples where the quality of a product has diminished as said product is provided more quickly or conveniently. Many reading this blog may recall being a teenager, and what it was like to travel to a local music store for the purchase of a record album. That trip to […]

  • Quality Health Supports Company Quality

Quality Health Supports Company Quality

Mold In Graphic Systems has been keeping its focus on quality, with new Lean and Six Sigma goals in mind since the beginning of 2017. Another important focus of quality for our TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), has been personal well-being and health. Behind our fast-paced and engaging network of projects is always our personal […]

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MIGS Shares Quality Journey At Rotoplas

The Mold In Graphic Systems® TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) opens a new chapter in their company journey of quality, LEAN processing and company culture while attending the Rotoplas tradeshow in Rosemont, IL, September 25-28, 2017.

With over 35 years of success as the leader in permanent plastics labeling for the rotational molding industry, the MIGS® […]

  • Fishing Gear & Innovation Visits ICAST 2017

Fishing Gear & Innovation Visits ICAST 2017

MIGS Clark Boyce with Eric Jackson, from Jackson Kayak.

Another focused moment on Sportfishing and thousands of people congregate to attend one of the world’s largest events that lends to the hottest gear, trends and innovation for fishermen and women around the world. This year’s ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades), […]

  • A Lean Approach To Improving Plastic Labeling Technology

A Lean Approach To Improving Plastic Labeling Technology

Mold In Graphic Systems® is always striving to reach and expand its internal company goals to make sure they exceed the customer needs and product quality goals. In doing so, it has allowed the company to have a lasting affect with our brand and products into the joined success of our customers and business partners. […]