As Mold in Graphic Systems® begins the start of its 34th fiscal New Year our company is celebrating a major milestone. Last year, a challenge was presented to our sales team that said our President / Matt Stevenson, Executive VP of Operations / Darren Gemmill and CEO / Marty Mares would shave their heads if the company reached a major milestone for monthly shipments. But as you can see from the original flyer promoting the challenge; the deal did not require Matt and Darren to do much shaving.

Specific dollar amount of the milestone is confidential, but we are pleased to announce that Mold In Graphic Systems (MIGS) and Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation (PGC) did achieve the goal during the final month of our fiscal year 2016. As a result, the head shaving party was conducted on Monday April 3 as part of a company-wide “New Year’s Day” celebration which included call outs to MIGS and PGC employees for their hard work to implement our new ERP system.

The company also used the opportunity to roll out a new Quality Management System that included a sign-off of the program by the company’s senior management team.

The day’s festivities also included a pizza party, TEAM t-shirts for all 100+ employees and formal dedication of a new employee lounge, endearingly named as the “Triple 9 Lounge”.

There is much to celebrate in our company.  We are grateful for the amazing group of employees and also for our loyal customers who have been with us for so many years. Our success is also the success of our customers, as it is built on all the professional minded individuals that take problem solving and creativity to a whole new level for every project.

Marty stated, “I was proud to get a haircut to celebrate this milestone. The people of MIGS and PGC are like family to me, so working with them is the most rewarding experience of my career. We all know success is not something that happens by accident. The focus of everyone in our company this past year made our goals a reality. We are now focused on the next level and I am confident we will get there. Not by accident, but on purpose. There will continue to be clear intention in everything we do.”

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