Convertible Kayak Travels Anywhere On Your Back

Assembling Pakayaks.

You may have seen the new video on Kickstarter for this new kayak kit, if not just let your imagination become reality with this new idea of a high-performance hard-shell kayak on the go. Imagine being able to backpack a kayak right down to your favorite shoreline or river bed with ease. Imagine that you can pack down your kayak to about 3.5 feet for storage and easy travel, without a need for a roof rack. Imagine an easily assembled kayak in 5 minutes that reaches a strong 14 feet to get in and enjoy the water.

All of these features and benefits are true with the new Pakayak® kayak. A collapsible and ready for travel innovation that has combined with the same rotomolded durability from a plastic kayak is now in production.

The Pakayak allows you to be able to hop on the subway, or a cab, or almost any vehicle, even if it does not have a roof rack, and get this Pakayak to fit right along with your travels. This idea for portability on a kayak is a natural progression from what the kayak industry has wanted to see come into market. The Pakayak® was created to answer the need for kayak and outdoor enthusiasts to take their kayak wherever they wanted to travel and make it easy to assemble and hop in the water.

More Convertible Options For Pakayak

Convertible Kayak Travels Anywhere On Your Back

Pakayak durability in the surf.

For those kayak lovers that are traveling with a friend, the Pakayak has a pretty cool “tandem” feature because of the sectional nature of its assembly. You will be able to add an additional section to turn the Bluefin 14 model into a tandem Pakayak. So one minute your solo paddling, and the next minute you come to shore and convert it to a tandem with your friend. That’s some modular goodness on the go for everyone.

Durability To The Extreme for Pakayak

Your initial thoughts, probably like ours were, does it seal up well and hold off leaks? According to Pakayak, the seals are rated for exposure to UV, salt water and they return to their original shape even after compression from the strong latches and plates. The design of the connection points on the Pakayak actually make the bulkheads stronger than the hull itself.

The popularity of Pakayak is growing very quickly after its launch on Kickstarter and its brand is being reinforced with long-lasting visibility from Mold In Graphic Systems®. Pakayak has chosen to use Mold In Graphics® to carry the same UV, salt water, chemical and environmental durability that is going to stay the life of the plastic kayak.

Convertible Kayak Travels Anywhere On Your Back

Pakayak easy cruising.

Zinelle Mackro, CoFounder at Pakayak said, “We are happy to choose Mold In Graphics® to enhance the brand visibility on our Bluefin logo. They show great color, nice clarity and deep blacks on the Bluefin Pakayak logo. They LOOK great!”

Mold In Graphic Systems is proud and excited to assist Pakayak on its branding that will last with high visibility. To learn more about the Pakayak, visit here. To learn more about what Mold In Graphics and the new MIG 5 graphic can do for your plastic products, visit here.