Creating A Quality Product ExperienceIn today’s world there are many examples where the quality of a product has diminished as said product is provided more quickly or conveniently. Many reading this blog may recall being a teenager, and what it was like to travel to a local music store for the purchase of a record album. That trip to the record store was followed by a ritual of opening the album, examining artwork, viewing pictures and reading song lyrics as you listened to the entire score, and at times get the collectable poster when you purchased it. All of this, combined with the act of dropping that needle on the vinyl, brought with it a high quality music listening experience.

Depending on the sound system your parents owned, you could actually feel the beat of the music throughout your entire body in a visceral fashion that doesn’t really exist today. Now flash forward a few decades to the present day music purchase / listening experience. Pretty much any song can be purchased at home, without the need to even get up from your chair. Much faster service, but is it a better quality product experience that would get you excited enough to share with others?

Another example of how product quality has diminished in place of quick delivery, is the food we eat. Long gone are the days when we had to grow and hunt our own food. It’s still possible to obtain farm fresh ingredients, but many people opt for a drive-thru window. All would agree that processed food is much more convenient, but not all would agree the quality of that “fast-food” has improved. For us, our story in comparison is similar to that of a Morton’s® premium steak house that understands how different they are from the drive thru window experience at McDonald’s®. Low price and quick service is something everyone appreciates, but is it realistic to expect that when a high quality experience is your goal?

Creating A Quality Product ExperienceAt Mold in Graphic Systems®, we recognize that speedy delivery is important in today’s fast paced society. Simultaneously, we acknowledge the importance of upholding our responsibility as a reliable supplier of a quality product. Google search a definition of the word “reliable” and you’ll get, “consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted”. When interpreting this definition, does the “speed” at which a quality product is being delivered, trump the “consistency” that a quality product is being delivered? If a quality product is continually delivered on or before the date promised, is that not by definition “reliable”?

The above definition, and explanation of our interpretation, is how Mold in Graphic Systems established it’s company wide goal at the beginning of 2017; to be a reliable supplier of the world’s best quality product for decorating olefin plastic. Pursuing a goal of this type requires lots of internal improvements. It is hard at times and requires much internal discipline, knowing that the majority of our competitors can offer much faster service. This would be like a restaurant seeing the success of drive-thru windows, but telling its staff to slow down service and focus on quality.

Creating A Quality Product ExperienceTo understand why Mold in Graphics® products takes longer to produce, it is understanding that most of our competitors use off the shelf ink to create their graphics. This allows for quick printing, but not necessarily durability nor the lasting quality experience you may desire. Each and every Mold in Graphic® is custom made in-house as part of a process that uses pigmented polymer instead of ink. Because pigmented polymer is 100% compatible with olefin plastic, the graphic and part become one and the graphic will remain in place for the life of the product. Unmatched performance that is worth the wait for anyone seeking the highest level of durability and quality, vs “drive-thru quickness and convenience”.

There are other methods available to decorate olefin plastic, so we appreciate customers who understand the value that Mold in Graphic Systems provides. Dollar for dollar, Mold In Graphic Systems offers the most cost effective solution because our products last a lifetime! Hopefully most would agree that it is worth waiting longer if it means a better quality product experience. Whether it be a music collector’s experience, a premium dining experience in place of a drive-thru window, or a custom made polymer graphic in place of one that is printed with off the shelf ink. We would love to hear about your product quality experience with Mold In Graphic Systems.

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