Makers of rotomolded kayaks and boats have seen several designs and innovations come through the sporting goods industry for water sport enthusiasts, but the latest innovations for boat design have reached new levels of fun, simplicity, functionality and accessibility for all ages. Enter the world of round boats.

Decorating ROund Plastic Rotomolded BoatsIt’s safe to say that the majority of us are probably only used to seeing the elongated hull designs of standardized boats, kayaks and canoes. You may not have seen round boats unless you have followed the history of boats stemming from around the world.

According to Wikipedia, coracles have seemed to originate in prehistoric times from the one-manned fishing boat cultures in Vietnam, Tibet and Southern India, primarily used for fishing and the ferrying of people. These round boats called “coracles”, have been created previously with different types of animal hides stretched over juniper or willow frames, for Tibetan and Indian cultures. In Vietnam, the coracles are hand-crafted from woven bamboo and sealed with tar.

As we are decorating round plastic rotomolded boats, we pay homage to some of the original hand crafted versions of our watercrafts and we begin to see the focus of the designs for rotomolded boats with new targets of marketability. The newest round boat innovations have led to the Corcl® boats from Brigham Floats LLC and a handful of other circular variations.

Decorating Round Plastic Rotomolded BoatsIf you are interested in a durable, extremely buoyant and entertaining craft that is also very kid-friendly, than the Corcl boat is your choice for waterfront activity. The Corcl boat is about 4 feet in diameter and decorated with new MIG® 5 Graphics, sporting a multi-colored design that captures the fun and durable choice that the Corcl is intended for. This round boat is smaller in diameter than the bamboo and animal hide versions, which boasts for an easy-to-maneuver and balanced choice for the whole family who is ready to paddle, race and spin its way across the water.

No matter where you go, if you have traveled to ports around South East Asia to experience the fishing culture and coracles used there, or have sported a new rotomolded round boat made of plastics here in America, the appreciation is the same for the fun and functionality that these round boats can give.

So enjoy your outdoor adventures afloat and if you do have a plastic boat, round or standard shape, make sure you check out the permanent branding available that will last as long as your watercraft does, like the MIG 5 Graphic from Mold In Graphic Systems, that is made for decorating plastics. Or if you are the more artistic type and want to tailor some air brushing techniques to your already finished boat, check out what the Color On Systems can help you achieve. Or if you have dings or gauges that need repairing on your watercraft, check out Patch ‘N Go repair technology here.