By Nick Moldan

Demonstrating Mold In Graphics At ARM-CE Germany

PlasTec Technology, Trappenkamp, Germany.

I was recently invited to join the Matrix Polymers sales and technical team at the annual ARM-Central Europe conference on the 7th and 8th of November.  Matrix (UK and Poland), along with Dram in Italy and Rotolink in Finland, are the European importers and distributors of our Surface Enhancer Product Line.

This event was different to the conference format I have been used to in the past.  The first day, with practical demonstrations, was held at PlasTec Technology’s factory in Trappenkamp, northern Germany.  The day started with a company tour and was followed by supplier product demonstrations on a rotomoulding oven.  Space was also provided by PlasTec, for hosting supplier table top presentations.  Our distributors, Matrix and Dram, both had table tops here, and also on the second day, at the conference venue.

Demonstrating Mold In Graphics At ARM-CE Germany

MIG 5 on smooth and textured Maus mould.

The practical day was a great opportunity for us to show case our 5th generation MIG® 5 Mold In Graphic®.  Ease and speed of application being the key benefits here.  I was generously given access to an oven by PlasTec, as well as a large mould, with both smooth and textured surfaces.  Maus also made a test mould available.  The Maus test mould, a cube, has coarse and fine textures, a highly polished finish and various permanent surface coatings.  Perfect for putting the MIG 5 through its paces.

For those moulders who had not seen the MIG 5 in action before, the versatility of this latest graphic was something of an eye opener – including the ability to apply the graphic to the mould at ambient temperatures, as well as very hot moulds straight out of the oven.  A number of moulders at the conference had only been exposed to our earlier generation Mold In Graphics®, with much tighter application and moulding parameters.

Demonstrating Mold In Graphics At ARM-CE Germany

Nick Moldan (left), with Matrix Polymers Team at ARM-CE 2016.

However, a graphic is only of value if the end result is bright, bold and eye catching – and without any blemishes or damage from the powder tumbling in the mould. Rotomoulders also expect their graphics to be genuinely permanent for the life of the product, under the toughest of conditions – not permanent till the day they fail. The MIG 5 is all of this, and more.  Branding really does come alive with the MIG 5 – no matter what the surface finish, the texture of the mould and the shot weight of the powder.

In the evening there was an excellent, informal dinner at the Vitalia Seehotel in Bad Segeberg and this was also where the second day of the conference was held.  There was a full day of technical and supplier presentations, as well as all day table top displays.  The presentations were all in German, which was a bit of a challenge for me!

I joined Matrix’s table top presentation on this 2nd day of the conference, to help support their sales efforts with our Surface Enhancer Product Line. These useful and highly practical products always generate much interest and discussion at conferences.  The conference was also an opportunity to demonstrate the thermochromatic capabilities of the new MIG 5 Graphics – with plenty of snow outside, to chill the graphics down and help display their color changing properties! These exciting new graphics are blue at freezing point – and begin to fade at around 5 degrees C.  This new thermochromatic option with MIG 5 Graphics is great for food storage and cooler box applications.

Demonstrating Mold In Graphics At ARM-CE Germany

Thermochromatic, color changing demo with MIG 5 graphic.

The day after the conference, ARM-CE, organisers of ARMO 2018, hosted an on-site meeting for potential sponsors and exhibitors.  The European ARMO Conference is being held at the University of Hamburg in September 2018. Martin Spencer, ARMO Chairman, reports that preparations for the ARMO Conference are well under way, and a number of sponsorship opportunities have already been reserved by suppliers.

With very low attendance fees and an attractive program, Martin is optimistic that this will be the biggest ARMO event ever and says the Association is planning for more than 600 delegates. Hamburg is a major hub for domestic, international and transatlantic flights, ensuring easy access for all.

Oliver Wandres, President of ARM-CE (and President of MAUS GmbH), declared this year’s conference a total success with, around 120 delegates, the highest attendance at an ARM-CE event ever. Networking, practical demonstrations and interesting and relevant presentations will always be the perfect recipe for a successful conference. Congratulations to Oliver and ARM-CE, as well as Karsten Krohne, and the team at PlasTec Technology, for hosting an excellent event.

For further information on our MIG 5 Graphic, please follow this link and for further information on our Surface Enhancer Product Line, please follow this link.