Enhancement Products for Your Rotomolded Parts

Mold In Graphic Systems® Enhancement ProductsMold In Graphic Systems® is dedicated to discovering new technologies for plastics and perfecting ways to embed graphics and enhancement materials directly into any polyolefin resin.

Mold In Graphic Systems® has created several innovative products to help enhance your rotomolded plastic products. For in-mold or post-mold processing, our products below will help retain the quality and permanence for your brand recognition and part functionality.

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Surface Enhancer 360° from Mold In Graphic SystemsRotational molders asked us for a product that would help them have better rotationally molded products free from surface blemishes. So in 1995 after an extensive R&D process, we developed the revolutionary Surface Enhancer® 360, molders call it a miracle in a can. Just spray a light coat directly onto the internal mold surface before molding your polyolefin part.

Our best-selling, versatile in-mold coating can provide you with the following:

  • Our newly-engineered Surface Enhancer® 360 can design sprays from any angle!
  • By creating better resin flow to all areas of the mold, it helps to eliminate thinning and bridging
  • Improves the surface conditions of rotomolded polyolefin parts
  • It quickly and easily removes ugly pinholes, voids and blowouts in the surface of the rotationally molded part
  • Improves the appearance and functionality of threads
  • Increases the strength of inserts

    Part without & with Surface Enhancer 360°

    Part without & with Surface Enhancer 360°

RMC3 - Rotational Molding Compound from Mold In Graphic SystemsAdd 3-Dimensional Solid Components to Your Rotomolded Products

Mold In Graphic Systems® has developed a remarkable three-dimensional Rotational Molding Compound which gives you the flexibility to create solid plastic features permanently molded inside or outside of your hollow parts.

Developed in 2002 by the R&D team at MIGS®, this revolutionary technology allows you to easily insert a pliable form of polyethylene material inside your mold at any critical point. It’s pliable like putty.

RMC3® Rotational Molding Compound is a polymer compound for use with polyethyelene resins used in rotational molding.

Use RMC3 to create flanges, inserts, hinges and more for plastics

RMC3® Rotational Molding Compound – Post Molding

Potential uses for RMC3® Rotational Molding Compound:

  • Immediate correction for flow issues
  • Perfect, Solid Threads
  • Solid Protrusions
  • Mounting Tabs
  • Flanges
  • Solid Molded-in Feet
  • Internal Bosses
  • Reinforced Inserts and Hinge Pins
  • Solid Molded-in Handles
  • Safe pliable material
  • Easy to shape
  • Can be rolled or die cut
  • Custom color matched
  • Create solid plastic features.

Just because it’s rotomolded, doesn’t mean it has to be hollow. By using RMC3® or Rotational Molding Compound, your ideas can become reality. It gives you flexibility in tooling design. It’s the immediate solution to existing molding problems and helps reduce scrap. Utilizing RMC3® also greatly improves the quality of molded-in threads and allows you to design sharper, flawless corners.

Color In Systems® from Mold In Graphic Systems®What is the Best Way to Add Color to My Rotomolded Products?

You are no longer a stuck with just a single color of the resin charge: MIGS® Color In Systems® was developed in 1998 with rotomolders in mind. They are available in standard or custom colors. Now your imagination can run wild in the world of colors from Mold In Graphic Systems® Color In Systems®. Our palette of rich colors highlight, accent, decorate, add interest and add value – when you rotationally mold your polyolefin parts. These rich pigments can be integrated into the mold with pinpoint accuracy. Because this system embeds itself directly into the resin surface, the new custom design is permanent and resistant to attack by chemicals, solvents or extreme weather conditions.

Like an artist who wanted a visually-appealing kayak, you can airbrush an intricate design into the mold! After molding, his design was a stand-out success!

Colorizing Rotomolde plastic with Color In Systems®We can create custom colors specifically for you. Unlike paints that eventually peel or scrape off due to their incompatibility with polyolefins, Color In Systems® colors handle the constant expansion and contraction of plastic products. It’s the cost-effective way to differentiate your quality products from the competition.

Uses for MIGS® Color In Systems®:

  • Colorful patterns like camouflage
  • Stencil designs into a rotational mold
  • Airbrush a design into a mold
  • MIGS® Color In Systems® Colors let you custom color your products… right in the mold
  • MIGS® Colors are resistant to attack from chemicals, solvents or extreme weather conditions
  • Permanently color and add value to your products.

A rainbow of colors awaits. Paint it. Color it. Beautify your plastic part with MIGS® Color In Systems®. You can create totally custom products, permanent like all of our products. The creative possibilities are endless!

Color On Systems® from Mold In Graphic Systems®Do you want to decorate your plastic part with lasting color?

Apply Color On Systems® Colors to your finished polyolefin products!

Make your products more colorful after molding with Mold In Graphic Systems® Color On Systems®. It’s more than a plastic spray paint. Unlike paints that eventually peel or scrape off due to their incompatibility with polyolefins, Color On Systems® colors handle the constant expansion and contraction of plastic products.

You can apply Color On Systems® Colors like spray paint to your finished polyolefin products – whether they were made by: rotational molding, injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, vacuum forming, compression molding or structural foam molding.

Color On Systems ® from Mold In Graphic Systems®MIGS® Color On Systems® are available in standard colors. Or let us create custom colors specifically for you. It’s the easy and effective way to differentiate your quality products from the competition. Our Colors will have people talking about your products. And happy customers add to your bottom line.

Our two-part spray system combines:

  • High-quality, UV resistant polymer pigments with a durable Clear Coat top coat so your colors last as long as your product.
  • MIGS® Colors are resistant to attack from chemicals, solvents or extreme weather conditions
  • Permanently color and add value to your products post-molding

Spray paint it. Color it. Beautify your plastic parts with MIGS® Color On Systems®. A rainbow of colors awaits.

Patch 'n Go® helps cosmetic Repairs polyolefin plasticsCosmetic Repair of Polyolefin Plastics Made Easy

After molding or forming a polyolefin product, a plastic manufacturer’s nightmare is to scrap the part because of blowouts, pits or puncture damage by handling. Repair your damaged polyolefin plastic products with MIGS® Patch ‘N Go®. Mold In Graphic Systems® developed Patch ‘N Go® in 1999 for cosmetic repair of poorly molded or damaged polyolefin plastic parts. It continues to be a top-selling product today.

Patch 'N Go being appliedAdvantages of Patch ‘N Go®

  • Fixes blemishes due to bad parting lines
  • Repairs holes, dents, gashes and gaps
  • Resolves drilling errors
  • Fixes router mistakes
  • Add value with a cosmetically enhanced product
  • No need to scrap or discount your product
  • Saves money

You can use Patch ‘N Go® on:

  • Kayaks
  • Docks
  • Buoys
  • Boats & Small Watercraft
  • Agriculture
  • Outdoor
  • Spraying Equipment
  • Toys
  • Many more!
  • Save money with Patch ‘N Go®

This amazing plastic-product-repair formula comes in a natural color and can be easily custom matched to any resin color. It’s easy to mix any color into MIGS® Patch ‘N Go®: Just mix your colored resin into a container. Then apply the product with a putty knife or other tool to the area that needs to be repaired. Use a heating source such as a torch to complete your plastic product repair. The results will be amazing!

It’s also available in a convenient, easy-to-use tube for on-the-go repairs of small products – great for consumers who need to quickly repair their plastic products on the go. So no need to lose any time! Our customers tell us it’s plastic product repair made simple.

Patch ‘N Go® is the best cosmetic repair solution on the market for your polyolefin products. It costs just pennies to fix a product that might have to be discounted or scrapped. This adds to your and your customers’ bottom line.

Saves you from scrapping a part. Just pennies per repair. Easy to use.

PL-S® Mold Parting Line Sealer for Rotmolded partsKeep Your Molds Up-and-Running with Smooth Parting Lines

Don’t cut the productive life of your rotational molds short due to damage from the separation process at the completion of your molding cycle. Join other cost-conscious rotational molders who use our PL-S® mold Parting Line Sealer™ to extend the life of their molds. Rotomolders say it’s the cost-effective way to avoid costly refurbishing of your equipment.

Mold In Graphic Systems® designed PL-S® Parting Line Sealer in 2004 to work well with all rotational molds and helps to:

  • Seal mold parting lines
  • Gets visually-appealing results cost-effectively
  • Help overcome problems with damaged, worn or mismatched mold parting lines
  • Helps to completely seal gaps or voids
  • Better results for keeping resin inside the mold

PL-S® Parting Line Sealer™ is a unique polymer compound that resists flow at high molding temperatures during the rotational molding cycle. Apply it directly to problem areas in the mold. The best mold parting line sealer on the market, it can help overcome problems with damaged, worn or mismatched mold parting lines – completely sealing gaps or voids.

PL-S® Parting Line Sealer for rotomolded plasticsIt forms a complete seal of the mold parting line. This forms a barrier which prevents the entry or escape of gases that could create voids or blowholes at the line of the part. PL-S® also keeps the resin in the mold, keeps damaged molds up and running, and eliminates costly and untimely repairs. So you will avoid parting-line gaps that can adversely affect strength or appearance of rotomolded parts.

Made from fractional-MI polyethylene and other proprietary materials, it is a pliable compound that cures in the mold during the molding process. It fuses to the outer skin of the part. A worry-free process: Excess material can be easily trimmed away using standard flash-removal tools.

Forms complete seal on damaged parting line, ensures equal wall thicknesses, eliminates costly mold repairs, and can be custom color matched!

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