Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS®).  A name synonymous within the rotational molding industry for over 30 years, and a name widely known as being the worldwide leader in polyolefin plastics decorating.

We are a manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience and 100+ employees.  Sometimes, it’s good for a company like ours to take a step back and look at where we came from and where we’re going.  It’s equally important to stop and look at those who have been by our side to help along the way.

What began as one man’s dream in a Southern California garage back in 1983 quickly turned into a bustling one man business in need of additional support.  Ruben Lonasee, has been with MIGS for over 28 years, since 1990, and is retiring after years of dedication, hardwork and focused efforts with MIGS in becoming the company it is today. But he’s not alone! Another employee recently retired after 30 years of dedication, Larry Craver, who was the first employee at MIGS, and was VP of Quality. Other notable MIGS pioneers approaching their 30 year mark include: Larry Clemson (Art Dept.), Shelley Sarson (Finance), Alan Reeves (R&D), Frank Trimble (Manufacturing) and Scott Saxman (Director of New Business) all at just over 25 years.  Out of the 100+ people employed at MIGS, 15 have been with the company for over 20 years while nearly half have been here over 10 years  .

Experienced Employees Lead to Great InnovationTogether, they’ve made MIGS the anomaly when it comes to employee retention. According to a recent study, the average length of time an employee stays with a company once hired is 5.4 years. At MIGS, that value has expanded to 10.29!

At MIGS, employees are provided pins to celebrate milestones for every 5 years of service.  16 of the 100+ employees we have hold a combined 72 pins and 360 years work experience at MIGS!

In addition to a great work culture, providing a nice work environment has been a key ingredient. The MIGS employees were recently provided a completely refurbished breakroom complete with new vending machines, television, kitchen and even future plans for a foosball table. The breakroom now feels like a comfortable room in a house, which is fitting given our “family-like” environment. It’s a close knit group with many friendships that go beyond 8-5. In fact, many of the newest employees at MIGS were “friend” referrals from those already within the organization.  This explains why MIGS employees are always so willing to help each other to succeed not only personally, but also through providing quality products and service to all of our customers.

As a family owned business, we view all of our employees like part of that family.  From those who have been here from the beginning, to those who have joined us along the way.

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