Features of our Mold In Graphics®

New 5th Generaion Mold In Graphic is Stronger. Better. Faster!

Our new 5th Generation Mold In Graphics® bring a whole new feature set for permanently decorating your rotomolded plastic parts with ease.

Take a look at how we can help further bring your brand recognition and plastics decoration to a new level with things unachievable by other decorating methods.


Pre-Printed Adhesive, Pressure-Sensitive Transfering and Anti-Heat Sensitivity...

Time Saving!

Mold In Graphics MIG5 comes Pre-printed adhesiveRest assured that you will save time when applying the MIG® 5 Graphic to your molds. More time, means more molds, which means more money in your pockets.


Transferrable onto aggressive textures like a 780 shot peen, Teflon®, Maus or Silicon Release


Mold In Graphics for all Rotomolding Temperaturesour MIG® 5 Graphic, easily transfers into your mold, at ANY temperature.


Built upon our Mold In Graphics® technology


Icon_MigTechnologyOver 30 years of innovation and quality, durability tested to last for the life of your rotomolded products.

Features of our Mold On Graphics®

Post-Mold Decoration Made Easy

Transfer and Decorate after Molding with Mold On Graphics®

Achieve Branding Recognition

Achieve the same decoration quality as our Mold In Graphics® on your plastic parts, after molding.

Permanently Encapsulating Your Designs

Premium Post-Molding Branding Technology

Unbreakable bonds by encapsulating your graphic designs within the polymer matrix

Permanently fused directly into the outer surface of polyolefin products after the part has been molded or formed.

Unmatched Durability

Lasting & detailed decoration that lasts with your plastics

Easy to Align

Easy Handling for retaining quality and visible tracking of your brand