Get Solid Features With Rotomolded Plastic PartsThroughout the molding process there might be some mold areas that, when finishing a plastic part, are vulnerable to causing varying wall thicknesses or small functionality sections that are critical to mold solid and strong components. Molders have searched for different methods on how to achieve a predictable and solid feature in the parts. Though a mold can be designed and fabricated with precision, sometimes the tumbling resin inside the mold as it heats up in the oven cannot reach the intended areas of the mold accordingly or consistently. Fortunately, there is a very successful solution brought to the forefront by Mold In Graphic Systems®, called RMC-3® Rotational Molding Compound.

Get Solid Features With Rotomolded Plastic PartsRMC-3 is a polymer shaping technology that is a truly permanent solution to achieving the strength and functionality you need in your rotomolded parts. Functional areas such as: hinges, tabs and pin inserts are bound to become problem areas when molding and can’t be avoided. RMC-3 has been innovated specifically to answer that problem for rotomolders. It adds stronger components on hollow areas and creates perfect threads. It achieves a new functionality and allows for solid protrusions and mounting tabs, internal bosses, molded-in handles, drillable or tappable inserts and other uses.

Get Solid Features With Rotomolded Plastic parts

Automotive Air Intake Duct with thread insert in RMC3.

Rotomolders have experienced the ease of use with RMC-3 as a simple putty-like compound that can be hand-shaped as desired. The polymer-based compound allows RMC-3 to be completely compatible with the molded plastic surface and becomes one solid piece with the molded part. RMC-3 maintains durability and resistance to UV, weathering, chemicals, acids and other conditions that may normally degrade other sealing or bonding type materials. Also, the added benefit of being able to custom color RMC-3 means it adds versatility to match your parts.

Experiencing Polymer Shaping Compound

Marco Antonio, with Jacto S.A. company in Brazil states, “Our client asked for a plastic threaded rod welded into their duct and we feared for the repeatability of the normal roto process. With RMC-3, it has allowed us to incorporate the insert during the process, making it much more simple and reliable.”

Get Solid Features With Rotomolded Plastic Parts

Preformed RMC3 ring.

Simon Gough, from Gough Plastics in Queensland Australia stated, “We have several old molds with severe design limitations. The numbers involved do not justify retooling. RMC-3 however, provides a cost effective solution and allows us to keep on molding. Now we know how it works, we won’t be held back by previous limitations.”

Bill Michael from Michael Brothers, Inc. in Arizona stated, “RMC-3 represents a major design and engineering revolution for rotationally molded products; allowing me to mold-in features never possible before.”

Get Solid Features With Rotomolded Plastic Parts

New solid RMC-3 female hinge receptacles.

RMC-3 has shown itself as an effective tool for any molder who needs strong areas that can be vulnerable during the process. With the functionality and versatility in color and the ability to be applied in many different shapes and areas it can truly be a universal solution in your rotomolding needs.

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