– By Crisi Clark

Grizzly Proof Coolers With Graphics For Post MoldingOur friends over at Yeti Coolers LLC have a whole custom logo team that use our Mold On Graphics® to achieve the vibrancy and permanence they need on their super durable coolers. These coolers are used as promotional items, employee gifts, and often just to promote an event, company, or favorite college team. If you are looking for a “Grizzly Proof Cooler” then Yeti Coolers are the ones to get!

web_45W_GeorgiaWe love that these coolers stand for durability just like how our Mold On Graphics®, the original technology for post molded labeling, stands for durability too. We love how you can see these YETI Coolers being used all over the map for outdoor ventures for fishing, hunting, camping, and much more for storing everything inside to keep it nice and cool. Well, the great thing is that our Mold On Graphics also withstand UV, severe weathering, hot or cold temperatures, harsh chemicals and the Mold In Graphic technology allows for the graphic to expand and contract with the molded plastic so it won’t crack or peel off like other technologies when exposed to environmental fluctuations.

Grizzly Proof Coolers With Graphics For Post MoldingDo you have other plastic items that you would like to see with your company’s or sports team logo, or one that requires a warning label? Mold In Graphic Systems® Mold On Graphics® are so easy to apply that anyone could create a product that is permanently decorated with their logo. A clean plastic part, heat and our Mold On Graphics is all you need to have a product that will be permanently decorated throughout its lifetime. Check out this video from Yeti Coolers to see how they do it.

Contact the MIGS® team today to discuss the application process and pricing. Let them teach you how to be a pro at applying these stellar graphics to your promotional items.

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