Healthy Competition Improves Company Culture

0519_MemorialWeek_PingPongParty-Scott-CruzMold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS) celebrated Memorial Day weekend just like most companies do, by giving employees the extra day off to enjoy the long weekend in honor of our veterans. What might be different from other companies, though, is that coworkers met back at work Tuesday morning, face to face for a new ping-pong-show-down of the year, with games squeezed into break times between sales orders, graphic production, customer calls, and many coffee refills.

0519_MemorialWeek_PingPongParty-Jason-NoelleFor three days, the company breakroom at MIGS, known as the “Triple 9 Lounge,” is temporarily transformed from it’s casual lunchroom atmosphere, into a ping pong fighting arena for the “coveted” championship.

The first game started off with high anticipation. Although there had been much tame “trash” talking leading up to the games, the opponents were quite civil as the first rallies commenced. Other employees on their break watched the game and cheered on the players.

0519_MemorialWeek_PingPongParty-Matt-EdgarWith games staggered throughout the three days, the player who succeeds in getting the best two out of three games takes the victory to proceed onto the next match in the ping-pong tournament.

Throughout the day, employees were able to take a few spare minutes to cheer on their coworkers playing against one another, all in good spirited fun.

Holding events like this for MIGS has a direct and positive affect to create a great company culture which lends to company wide success, and it doesn’t even have to be expensive!

Healthy Competition Improves Company Culture

Charlie Inch takes the Grand Champion trophy for the first 2019 MIGS Annual Ping Pong Tournament.

Having something like a ping pong tournament, doesn’t cut too deeply into company time, and creates positive friendship and relationship between employees who may not otherwise get to know each other in a more personal way.

It can also promote creativity, happiness, and some health benefits for those who really get into it. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, and on the flip side, can actually bring people together, which is an advantage when it comes to employee-employee and employee-work relationship.

Company meals provided by a food truck, retirement parties to celebrate employees, and this time, a ping pong tournament to provide a little extra movement, healthy competition, laughs, and fun throughout the work day. I will definitely be participating in the next company held event and am sure others will feel the same way. See if you can get your work Team together in a similar manner to boost your work environment!