– By Edgar Lucas

Other brnading methods degrade compared to Mold In Graphics®

Other brnading methods degrade compared to Mold In Graphics®

Perhaps your choice of branding is not so permanent after all? As we go about our daily lives with routine visits for grocery shopping, taking an afternoon stroll through the park, or perhaps pulling that recycling bin to the curb, do you take a second to look around and see all the branding that is out there for the purpose of recognition? If you are like me, prior to my arrival at MIGS® I accepted cracked and peeling decals, or faded paint areas where a graphic once lived, as to be considered part of the normal wear and tear of these items.

Perhaps we have taken for granted the importance of truly permanent branding. Each time you put your product out for the consumers, service industry, or in the work place, you expect your name to stand out in a vibrant and high-quality manner that would display itself in that same way for the life of the product. Not only at the time of purchase do you want your branding to display like this, but also for the future generations who you intend to service over time. A consumer may look at your product and find it may be time for a new one, but your brand is nowhere to be found. That consumer may take a visual note of your product and search for the next comparable item they find that will fit their needs.

In-Mold Sticker degrades and Mold IN Graphics outlast

Take a good look at your method of branding, whether you choose a sticker, decal or silk screened branding and inspect how well it has held up to the elements of nature or normal wear-and-tear. You probably will notice that in one form or another, that branding has degraded or disappeared completely and does not hold the same brand recognition value anymore. This is what is known as non-permanent and as a temporary solution to upholding the branding value for your plastic parts.

By definition, permanent means that it is intended to last or remain unchanged in these cases for branding rotomolded products.

Next time you choose a new branding method we hope you will consider this definition of true permanence and look to Mold In Graphic Systems® where we guarantee our Mold In Graphics® and Mold On Graphics® for rotomolders to last the life of your products and are 100% recyclable.

Mold In Graphics® and Mold On Graphics® are all around us. They are at your favorite local park, on the river while on your next wild kayaking adventure, or perhaps on your own recycle bins at home. Take a second to look at these items and learn about the permanent branding that Mold in Graphics® offers. Put aside the sticker decals and silk screen inks and send us your temporary graphic so we can show you what a true permanent graphic will do for your product and your market.

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