– By Clark Boyce

How To Decorate At Any Mold TemperatureRotomolding is all about heat, time and pressure. All 3 of those items are needed to produce a rotomolded polyolefin part. Controlling all those items consistently to produce the same part everyday is not as easy as just pushing a button to start a machine and filling the mold with resin. Add to that, maintaining the correct mold temperature range for the application of a branding technology known to rotomolders as Mold In Graphics®, and now you have a procedure that you will want to maintain.

The entire temperature control process sounds difficult. In the past trying to ensure that the inside mold wall was in that specific temperature range required to apply a previous generation of a Mold In Graphic®, may have taken the rotomolder a minute or two in their cycle to achieve. With the introduction of a new product called the MIG®5 graphic, from Mold In Graphic Systems®, the application process is faster and easier.

Pick a temperature between 48°F (8°C) and 205°F (96°C) and you can apply the MIG®5 graphics without any concerns. Now what does that mean to a Rotomolder?

 How To Decorate At Any Mold TemperatureIt means no more waiting to cool the mold down or having to heat it up in the morning. No more having to wait to fill the mold with polyethylene because the mold temperature is not correct for applying a Mold In Graphic®. No more hoping the operator does not press too hard while transferring the graphic that molds permanently into the part if the mold is too hot. Just take the MIG®5 graphic, grab that green burnishing pad and transfer it onto the mold surface whether it is smooth or textured.

Daven Claerbout, from Dutchland Plastics, also states “Originally it was temperature sensitive, but today with the new MIG® 5 it is not sensitive at all. Hot or cold, it just does not matter anymore.”

How else does this help the Rotomolder? Since they do not have to wait for the mold to cool down or heat up, this can allow for shortened cycle times by approximately a minute per arm. On a 3 arm rotomolding machine in an 8 hour day, this equates to a time-savings of approximately 24 minutes on one shift so at the end of the week the molder saved 120 minutes or gained another 2 complete cycles on an arm. That means more parts were produced and shipped that week. Overall, production levels can increase when taking into account the heat, time and pressure settings involved for rotomolding, and by choosing the right decorating technology, rotomolders have found that the MIG® 5 graphic and it’s many new features helped to reduce cycle times in relation to those parameters.

Mold In Graphics® continues innovating its permanent branding options for rotational molding or any other process that uses polyolefin materials.

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