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How to Create Flanges, Tabs and Inserts for Plastics

Use RMC3 to create flanges, inserts, hinges and more for plastics

Everyone knows that Mold In Graphic Systems® is the best source for permanently decorating your rotationally molded product, but did you know that MIGS® also creates a wide variety of quality repair and plastics enhancement products used by rotational molders all over the world? One of these widely used problem solving products that can repair and enhance rotomolded plastic parts is otherwise known as RMC3® Rotational Molding Compound.

One of the most common uses for MIGS® RMC3 is to fill in an area of the mold where the resin is not able to flow into. Simply warming the RMC3 with your hands until it is pliable and inserting it in the troubled sections of your mold will reinforce and strengthen those areas. The RMC3 bonds with the resin inside the mold allowing for the creation of pins, hinge receptacles and external flanges that are as durable as your polyolefin product. In fact, the inserts or sections that have been created from the RMC3 can be drilled, tapped, or machined just the same as your plastic product.

There are many other properties in which the RMC3 can benefit the rotational molding industry. It can be die cut to create an internal flange or other necessary areas that require a specific shape. Some of our customers even pre-cured it to create a sheet that can be inserted into the mold to produce an internal divider.

How to Create Flanges, Tabs and Inserts for Plastics

Northland Products uses RMC3 on carpet extractor

Crosslink resins also work well with this problem solver. Several of our customers, including Northland Products Inc. and it’s carpet surface extractor, the Intrepid, have used RMC3 to produce external mounting flanges on their crosslink tanks.

“RMC3 represents a major design and engineering advancement for rotationally molded products; allowing me, as a rotational molder, to mold in features never possible before,” said Bill Michael, from Northland Products, Inc.

Also, Simon Gough, from Gough Plastics in Queensland, Australia states, “We had several old moulds with severe design limitations. The numbers did not justify retooling. RMC3 however, provides a cost effective solution and allows us to keep on moulding. We recently used RMC3 to fix a kiss-off problem. Now we know how it works, we won’t be held back by previous limitations.”

How to Create Flanges, Tabs and Inserts for Plastics

Gough Plastics uses RMC3 for molding in pre-cured ring on part

At Mold In Graphic Systems® we strive to assist our customers in the rotational molding industry with troubleshooting. If your rotomolded products need something extra to capture the finished shape intended or need to be repaired in any way contact us today to learn more about how to create flanges, tabs and inserts for plastics with RMC3 Rotational Molding Compound or view our other enhancement products here.

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