How Surface Enhancer Was Created For Rotomolders

The Secret To Making Perfect Rotomolded Products Every TimeIn 1993, Research and Development Director, Alan Reeves, was planning to represent the company’s labeling technology at an upcoming Rotomolding trade show. Wanting to get Mold In Graphics name out there a bit more in the kayaking industry, he planned to showcase our permanent labels in a unique way. He decided to try rotomolding mini-kayaks in a mini-oven with our labels decorating them, to then be passed out at the show.

Cool idea, right? Well…

He quickly realized that the mini-kayaks had a knack for not quite molding perfectly when the plastic had finally cooled. The very tips of the small kayaks weren’t getting enough flow causing voids that he couldn’t get rid of no matter how many ways he tried to mold them. Getting down to the wire before he needed to leave for the show, he struggled up until the last minute for something to help.


That was just the beginning of Surface Enhancer 360 becoming one of the bestselling products at Mold In Graphics. Introducing our Surface Enhancer 360 into their processes has assisted many of our rotomolding customers in experiencing significantly less frustration, less scrap, and a significantly higher quality in the surface of their plastic products, which increases quality of production, cycle times, and overall profits.

How Does Surface Enhancer 360 Work?

How To Solve Resin Flow Problems When MoldingSpraying your mold with SE 360 improves resin flow characteristics, which is just a fancy way of saying that it creates the very first layer of polyolefin “skin” that your product is being molded out of. When the SE 360 begins melting, which begins at a lower temperature than the base resin, that base resin is attracted to it and begins the layering process. Voila! Pinholes, voids, blowouts, and thinning and bridging are gone and you get perfectly molded products every time.

Is Saving Time, Increasing Profits & Removing Frustrations Important To You?

Repeatability of quality products is a manufacturers best friend and can mean the difference to remaining competitive in your market. If you could eliminate the need to re-mold scrap products caused by pinholes, voids, blowouts, and thinning and bridging, would the time saved be worth it to you?

How To Solve Resin Flow Problems When MoldingAnd if you saved all that time and never had to re-mold products or pay the extra costs associated with that, would the increase in profit be worth it to you? If making perfect, repeatable rotomolded products and never being frustrated again is worth it to you, then Surface Enhancer 360 is the answer that hundreds of rotomolders like you are using today.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you save time, eliminate frustration, and enhance the quality of your plastic production with Surface Enhancer 360.

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