How to Proof Your Artwork

Below you will see step-by-step instructions on how to proof your artwork using our new software. It is a very easy process and the first step involves checking your email.

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Step 1:
Check Your Email for Your Proof

You should receive an email notifying you when your proof is ready for viewing. Note: If you do not see any email in regards to your proof in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder and make sure to “allow sender or unblock emails that come from “… or …“. Note: do not reply to the automated email, as it will not be received by us.

From inside the email, you can click the green “Open Proof” button. This link will send you to the proofing review area of your artwork.

Step 2:
View the Proofing Dashboard Viewer

Navigate around the Ziflow proofing dashboard.

On the lower right side is the “Comments area” and the “Markup Tools area”.

1018_ArtworkProofSteps_Ziflow_Comments_3Step 3:
Approve and Leave Comments in your Dashboard

Use the markup tools as needed, and leave comments for any changes and click the “SAVE” button to submit your comments. When a comment/approval/rejection or new files are uploaded to the Ziflow Dashboard an email is automatically sent to all reviewers for processing.

Download Proofing Guide Here