Kymera Body Boards With Mold On GraphicsBody boards have seen several innovations come through the sporting goods industry for water sports, but this creation has set it self apart in personal watercrafts. Winning the Popular Science 2011 Invention of the Year and being seen on the popular ‘Shark Tank’ television series for inventors, has put this cool product in the spotlight.

Invented by Jason Woods, is the Kymera Body Board, the world’s first line of electric jet body boards. The Kymera body board is capable of reaching speeds up to 25 miles per hour, and is lightweight at about 35 pounds making it easy to transport to the water by one person. Which means, you can get into the water and start the fun with no need for a ramp. A 1,000-watt RMS brushless motor propels it and the battery alots for an average 1 hour running time before a charge is needed. With an intuitive leaning steering mechanism with throttle control at the handle, it is easy for the individual to hop on, laydown and jet away.

With different models ranging in speed, functionality and battery life, the Kymera is gaining in popularity for consumer markets and for lifeguards or search and rescue markets.

Kymera Body Boards With Mold On GraphicsAll watercrafts and vehicles of this nature are always enduring the elements, including UV exposure, temperature fluctuations, salt & fresh water corrosion during use while in and out of the water, and also enduring moments of abrasion around the shoreline or when being placed up for storage. The Kymera brand has chosen Mold On Graphics to endure all of these elements to retain it’s brand recognition to last for the life of the product and have it’s name stand out.

Kymera Body Boards With Mold On Graphics

Make sure you check out the Kymera body board videos here, and if you need permanent branding that will last as long as your watercraft does, look at the Mold On Graphic, that is made for decorating plastics after they have been molded, making it easy for molders or end users to add brand value at anytime. Or learn about decorating during the molding procedure with the new MIG 5 Graphic.

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