kids on railyard br large 2x3Written By: Noel Daigle

Many exercise programs tend to be centered on fitness for adults only, or perhaps older teenagers. Usually, children are not factored into the equation.

Railyard Fitness Founder & CEO Lee Spieker of Railyard Fitness has been redefining the narrative around this concept.

Lee and his team have a mission to help elevate the work done by physical education professionals and assist in the education of parents when it comes to the extensive and supported research that says children should be getting an hour of daily exercise.

Lee has developed one of the most advanced, productive, and beneficial bodyweight movement programs through his product, the Railyard, which is available to kids aged 3 and up. It is a portable obstacle course that can be found in over 1500 locations worldwide. The program was developed in a way that is fun, functional and energetic, helping instill positive exercise habits in young children at an early age that they can truly enjoy for life.

g-64075-RailyardStation-207-41The Railyard is designed to integrate whole body movements and is based on variety. Those using the Railyard for fitness use multiple planes of movement, including forward, backward, lateral, up, down, across, over, and under. It’s also especially beneficial for athletes who need to train and discipline all of these types of global movements to be successful in their sport. It’s also just plain fun for kids.

Lee is no stranger to developing fitness programs and products. He has co-owned multiple gyms, developed fitness videos, and has developed products and physical education tools for the fitness industry for over 45 years now, including the 4- and 6-inch stackable aerobic steps still found in physed, health clubs and personal training centers.

Lee said: “The idea behind the Railyard was sparked by a workout I had on an outdoor course made of logs at Torrey Pines High School where pro football players John Lynch and Junior Seau used this type of training throughout their professional football careers.

action shot with body bar 500x500He said, “You can find a log version of the original course the Railyard was inspired by in the new San Francisco 49ers training facility!”

He went on to say, “Elevating the work done by American physical education professionals has become the mission for Railyard Fitness. The Railyard is the most beneficial and productive bodyweight movement program available to kids, and one of the only programs developed for children that they actually see as fun, which is the most important component of any kids’ fitness program.”

Mold In Graphic Systems has had the honor of being part of Railyard Fitness when it comes to their equipment. Railyard Fitness utilizes Mold In Graphic’s labels on the obstacle course product, including logo and safety or warning labels.

In fact, these labels have been adorning the Railyard for over 15 years now and look just as good as the part they decorate.

Branding matters to Lee and Railyard Fitness because their brand is closely tied to the mission that they are so passionate about.


“The graphics we use on our parts professionally and vibrantly present our logo and brand wherever Railyard is located,” he said.

With heightened awareness around good hygiene and cleanliness, gyms and fitness equipment have been especially scrutinized in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s more important than ever to sanitize fitness equipment before and after use. The Railyard is a group exercise product, and Lee stressed how important it is to them to be able to use labels that are just as reliably able to be sanitized as the plastic equipment itself is, while also ensuring the label will not degrade with increased use of chemicals or cleaners.

We are proud to work with someone like Mr. Spieker and Railyard Fitness, who has been such an innovative and hardworking entrepreneur in his industry, envisioning new products, programs, and exercises for children and adults of all ages to benefit their physical and mental health and to lead better lives.

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