Launch of New Plastic Labeling Application Technology

Launch of New Plastic Labeling Application Technology

MIGS Team, Jason Brownell on left, training Fach-Pak members from Poland, Krzysztof Lenkiewicz and Dawid Budrewicz.

With the launch of its new plastic labeling application system called “VersaFlex”, Mold In Graphic Systems / Polyfuze Graphics Corporation hosted another one of its popular “MIGS University” training events on Wednesday, October 9. The company also hosted its first ever Media Day on Friday, October 11 to introduce the world to its latest innovation to permanently label Low Surface Energy (LSE) polyolefin plastics such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

This latest training event included more hands-on application training, along with a special segment featuring the company’s Polyfuze labeling technology. Attendees learned about machine set-up and how to achieve excellent labeling results on any polyolefin part without the need for burnishing or flame guns. For application of the company’s Polyfuze labeling product, attendees were taught how to set-up a standard hot-stamp machine, as well as the new VersaFlex system.

What is VersaFlex?

It’s a system which integrates two main components; Polyfuze labels, along with a die / heating element assembly which transfers heat, causing the polyolefin part and Polyfuze labels to fuse together. Similar to other Mold In Graphic Systems and Polyfuze label technologies, the VersaFlex System uses Polyfuze polymer fusion labels which are constructed from 100% pigmented polymer.


Launch of New Plastic Labeling Application Technology, VersaFlex with Polyfuze Graphics from MIGS.

The VersaFlex training session featured a machine made by Auto Tran. Although it appears similar to a pad print machine, it is a new generation of manufacturing equipment. Instead of an ink pad, these new machines feature a heating plate. So instead of the silicon “loaf” contacting a pad print cliché with ink, it contacts the heat plate. Heat is then picked up by the VersaFlex heating element and transferred to the part and labels which activates the fusing process. Auto Tran is currently the only maker of this special type of machine, but other manufacturers have shown interest in making similar machines for use with the VersaFlex application system.

Launch of New Plastic Labeling Application Technology

MIGS CEO / Marty Mares presents at MIGS University.

As part of the training MIGS CEO / Marty Mares joined colleagues as presenter of a segment which examined how Construction of Other Labeling Methods is Totally Different than labels made by Mold in Graphic Systems / Polyfuze Graphics Corp. It specifically examined why polyolefin plastic is so difficult to permanently label, and how even though the use of PP and PE has increased dramatically during the past 30 years, the Labeling Standards have not been updated to accurately meet or reflect this increase. This segment of the training was inspired by a white paper the company recently published (download here).

Launch of New Plastic Labeling Application Technology

Nalini Radhay-Suepaul from Roto Plastic of Trinidad trains up with MIGS Team for Mold On Graphics.

As with previous MIGS University events, attendees received courses in proper storage & handling and, an overview of Mold in Graphic Systems successful line of surface enhancer products.

Following a presentation ceremony attendees provided wonderful feedback. Nalini Radhay-Suepaul from Roto Plastic of Trinidad stated, “It was so worth traveling to this event. I appreciated seeing such a great company culture that included so many women in key positions.”  Tomasz Budrewicz, who traveled from Poland to represent his company Fach-Pak commented, “I am very impressed with everything including the quality of your products and the quality of training you have provided us.”

Mold in Graphic Systems / Polyfuze Graphics Corporation Media Day

Launch of New Plastic Labeling Application TechnologyAfter 36 years in business the company opened its facility for the first time to local and industry media.

To open this event, several veterans of Mold in Graphic Systems introduced themselves and welcomed media guests. This included Melinda Huffman (25 years), Jason Brownell (25 years) and Scott Saxman who has been with the company over 28 years.

A tour of the MIGS facility was then provided which included examples of the many improvements the organization has made during the past few years including their embrace of LEAN and Continuous Improvement. Following the facility tour, MIGS Senior Director / Jason Brownell conducted hand-on plastic decorating demonstrations in the company’s molding shop.

Mold in Graphic Systems / Polyfuze Graphics Corporation appreciates the many visitors who visited this week. It is always a pleasure to share details about the unique product and service we provide. Please contact us if you are in this beautiful area of the country and want to visit our facility.

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