If you haven’t noticed, kayaks are an increasingly popular choice for recreational sports goers, enthusiasts alike and also the opportunistic thief. Kayaks on car roof racks, at parks, on river fronts and beach shores are common target locations for thieves to pull your kayak from view.

MIG 5 Graphics Help Track Your KayaksWhat can you do if your kayak has been lost or stolen? Other than trying to implement the preventative strategies of either keeping your kayak out-of-sight from any onlookers and inside your home, or securely locked in place when outdoors, you may still have some problems identifying or locating your kayak if it is taken.

One way to identify your kayak if it was stolen and recovered is by having some type of unique serialization or barcode identification label molded into the body of the kayak. Knowing this unique ID would be able to prove that it is yours. Sometimes, if a stolen kayak is recovered it may be reported onto Facebook groups or websites like SCKD.

The problem with many serialization or barcoding labeling methods placed into kayaks, is that many of them are decorating with a sticker, engraving or other method that is not very visible nor permanent and will degrade quickly when exposed to outdoor conditions. This means that those other methods of placing the identification on your kayak can easily degrade in the sun, under extreme weather, temperature changes, salt water and abrasion from your roof rack or rocks from the riverbed. If you lose your identification labeling from your kayak, even if it is recovered by someone else, how will you be able to truly claim that it belongs to you? This is all too common, especially if you manage a kayak rental business, knowing that you have purchased kayaks in bulk, in all the same brand, style and color, just like the other small kayak rental business down the shore.

MIG® 5 Graphics Help Track Your KayaksWell, Mold In Graphic Systems® has created the new MIG 5 Mold In Graphic® for uses just like this. The MIG 5 is tested for enhanced durability and resistance to UV, weathering, salt water, chemicals, petroleum, battery acids, extreme temperature changes, abrasion and more. The MIG 5 handles options for serialization, barcoding, QR codes and more to help identify your kayak.

Recently, Fatyak™ Kayaks chose MIG 5 Graphics to represent their brand of kayaks with durability and the traceability of serialization in place.

Jayne Blundell, Sales Manager from Fatyak Kayaks has stated “A Fatyak Kayak is a very appealing target for thieves. To help aid in the recovery of a stolen or lost kayak, we use Mold In Graphics® to mould in permanent serial numbers, which then allows every kayak to become unique. Our bold branding is also a strong deterrent to would be thieves and this has become a very useful selling feature for us”.

Tootega  Kayak - MIG 5 Graphics Help Track Your KayaksTootega Kayaks have also taken advantage of the ability to uniquely and indelibly identify each and every kayak they sell, with MIG®5 Graphics. They have taken this a step further by asking their customers to register their kayak HINs (Hull Identification Numbers) on their website. The HIN registry captures the complete life cycle of the kayak – and is an invaluable aid should the kayak be lost or stolen. Each kayak has two identical HINs, with one placed in a concealed, inaccessible area on the kayak. This traceability all adds up to total quality control throughout the production process – as well as peace of mind for the customer, should the kayak ever be stolen.

Traceability and identification is an important function to keep in mind when decorating your kayaks, boats, other water sports gear, or on any other valuable plastic durable good that you and your customers need to keep track of.

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