MIG® 5 Redefines Branding For Plastics At ARM 20152nd day at the Denver, Colorado,  ARM Annual Meeting is revealing the true colors for the the future of branding technologies with the rotomolded plastics industry! Leading the pack is a strong showing from the MIGS® team with the new 5th Generation Mold in Graphic®, known as the MIG® 5, with a truly permanent and multi-colored experience for brand retention.

MIG® 5 Redefines Branding For Plastics At ARM 2015

Multi-Colored MIG 5 Graphics demo at ARM 2015, in Denver

New molding companies attending are finding just exactly where copycat branding technologies have failed when hearing Scott Saxman and Clark Boyce, from the MIGS sales team, share how the MIG 5 Graphic was researched and developed specifically for overcoming several of the issues that rotomolders have seen when branding with other branding methods.

Every industry at the show that needs permanent branding in their polyolefin or polethylene products is investigating the options available, but only the MIG 5 Graphic has been developed to withstand environments made specifically for them, including those for: kayakers, tanks, automotive components, agriculture equipment, coolers, outdoor gear manufacturers and more.MIG® 5 Redefines Branding For Plastics At ARM 2015

If you’re at the show, and have any interest in permanent branding for your plastics, come view a workshop with Clark Boyce who will be assisting Martin Spencer from Unique Roto in 2 Workshops on Tuesday the 3rd at 1:45 pm and 4:15 pm titled “Repair Rejects and Increase Profits. You will be amazed at how different the MIG 5 graphic is and what it can do for your bottom line with finished parts.

Those not at the show can view here to checkout the MIG 5 Graphic that is helping permanently brand the rotomolding world!

We at MIGS are happy to see you all at the ARM Show! Contact us here today to learn more about our Mold In Graphics or Surface Enhancer product line.