Mold in Graphic Systems Celebrates 25 Year Partnership with Dram srl

Mold in Graphic Systems Celebrates 25 Year Partnership with Dram srl

Mold in Graphic Systems® is proud to announce 25 years working with Dram srl in Italy as they celebrate their 25 year anniversary!

Dram’s success comes from years of experience while offering a range of products and services to rotomolders across Europe. We are proud that MIGS® is included among Dram’s impressive product portfolio.

Dram srl started, more than 25 years ago with Alison McKeand. Alison was born in Scotland but moved to Milan, Italy in her early 20s. After various jobs including teaching English, she ended up working for a company selling raw materials and release agents to the rotomolding industry. Alison was fascinated by what she learned, and the people she worked with. She decided it was time to stop working for others and head off on her own. Alison approached Ferry Industries and offered to sell their rotomolding machines in Italy.

In 1992, Ferry Industries and MIGS® shared a booth at the “K Show” in Dusseldorf, Germany where Alison was introduced to the owner of MIGS®, Mike Stevenson. This resulted in MIGS® products being added to Alison’s product offering and the idea to become a full-blown service provider to the rotomolding industry was born under the name Dram srl.

The name Dram was created from the names of the three principal individuals who funded and supported Dram srl during its early years – Douglas Muir, Roberto Muti, and Alison McKeand. Also, thanks to her Scottish origins, the name Dram fitted rather well – a Scottish Gaelic word with the literal meaning of a ‘drink’, but is usually associated with fine Scotch whisky.

While MIGS® expanded our unique range of enhancement products over the years so too did Dram’s product offering grow with Surface Enhancer® 360, RMC3®, Patch ‘N Go®, PLS Parting Line Sealer®  & MIGS® Color In Systems®.

Initially Dram focused exclusively on the Italian rotomolding industry. In 2003 however, Dram expanded to become a European wide supplier to the rotomolding industry.

Alison worked on her own for the first 13 years of Dram’s existence. She reflects that life was a lot simpler back then, allowing her to sneak off from time to time, to indulge in her passion, riding. However, her company’s success resulted in the need to employ more people and today Dram has four full time employees. Among her team is Katia Zoppetti, who was previously with one of Italy’s leading technical rotomoulders, before becoming Dram’s Technical Manager. In addition, Katia is the President of Italy’s rotomoulding association, IT-RO.

MIGS® appreciates working with Dram because they add value for both their customers and supplier partners alike. Dram helps their customers produce better products, reduce their scrap rates which ultimately increases profitability. For supplier partners, Dram manages logistics and EU hazmat issues while insuring that products they represent meet regulatory and legislative requirements.

Dram also provides technical support on behalf of the supplier partners, along with product samples, application instruction, SDS documentation, and safety labelling in the language of each customer. To better serve current customers while connecting with new customer opportunities, Dram exhibits MIGS®, as part of their entire product offering at several trade shows each year.

At these events there is always a steady queue of molders, seeking advice and help to address challenges they are having. With years of knowledge and experience Dram’s team is very capable to help. This has led to many of the molders becoming close friends as well as industry colleagues to Dram, within the rather unique and special world of rotomolding. For Dram it is not just about the products they supply, but the value they provide each customer. Visit the Dram srl site here to learn more.