Written By: Noelle Daigle

0221_BBI_VisitMIGS_AcumaticaKnowledgeShare2On Wednesday February 17, 2021, Polyfuze Graphics/ Mold In Graphic Systems (MIGS®) hosted four visitors from BB Industries (BBI): Rick Stimac / CEO, Patrik Knudsen / CFO, Jeff Dykstra/ VP of Sales & Marketing, and Ted Carver /Director of Logistics.

BB Industries is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, and  are the nation’s top supplier for the Stone Tool Industry specializing in stone fabrication and installation. The visit from BB Industries to Mold In Graphic Systems was a collaborative effort to help foster operational excellence within each company through the use of the ERP operating system Acumatica, which MIGS® demonstrated in action for BBI’s convenience.

Mold In Graphics has been using Acumatica with great success since January 2019. This fine ERP system has been helping MIGS manage their internal processes from initial Customer contact, all the way to shipping of their order.

0221_BBI_VisitMIGS_AcumaticaKnowledgeShare1Also in attendance for this collaborative meeting was Alan Hardy, EVP of Business Development at SWK Technologies. SWK is MIGS® value-added reseller (VAR) for the Acumatica ERP, and provide ongoing technical support and service related to the software’s usage.

When companies work together by sharing ideas and supporting one another, everyone benefits. Not only the customers of those companies who see a measurable improvement in quality of product and service, but also within the atmosphere and culture of those individual companies. Businesses that invest in company culture and a quality system by which internal processes are continually improved, see an improvement in morale among employees and in return will see more employees who stay long term and due to true enjoyment of working in such an environment, will work harder over time.

This blog is dedicated to the collaboration of US companies striving to improve excellence within the workplace. By continually investing in the workplace, we can continue to share ideas that will help one another grow and continue to foster and witness success happen for all of us, individually within our company culture and also together.


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