MIGS Successful Showcase at ARM 2016

Scott and Clark with Dru Laws, VP of ARM and President of ARM, Conchita Miranda.

Our Mold In Graphic Systems team is delighted to have attended the annual ARM show, which is advancing the rotomolding industry. MIGS® has not only stood out since it was founded over 35 years ago, it has been a thriving company that has led in its field and is at the forefront of branding innovations for rotomolding. ARM members found the MIGS team showcasing the 5th Generation Mold in Graphic®, the professional series of rotomolding problem solvers called the Surface Enhancer® product line and the new all-purpose cleaner, Multi-Clean.

0916_MIGS-ScottatARM2016MIGS North American Business Development Director, Scott Saxman, also had the opportunity to speak at the “What’s New” ARM workshop and present the latest innovations that are starting to grab hold of the rotomolded cooler markets and more. Scott unveiled this newest option for a MIG 5 Graphic that brings new interactivity and visibility features to a branded product with the latest “Thermochromatic” technology. The Thermochromatic option for the MIG 5 Graphic is a cold temperature range sensing graphic that changes from a cold activated color, like blue, to a transparent color when activated on the warmer end of the temperature range. This new visual interactivity allows a quick and easy visual comparison for knowing the temperature range that is around the product surface. Which has been proving very useful to Cordova Coolers new premium cooler market.

MIGS Successful Showcase at ARM 2016

Scott and Clark with Michelle Lorenzo, DEO at ARMA, and Leisa Donlan, CEO of ARMA Australia.

Scott also spoke about the new options for the MIG 5 Graphics which include Laser scribing and Laser coding. These processes allow for high contrast graphics with a single color focus to stand out. Laser scribing with the MIG 5 graphic allows for a high line-detailed graphic when a single color is chosen for creating small runs or one-off graphics. Not needing the multi-colored options or high runs, but still requiring true permanence for branding makes this a great choice for many new rotomolders trying to get their brands going. Scott also explained that the MIG 5 graphic can be optioned for Laser coding of serialization, barcodes, QR codes and more for permanent product tracking with data embedded.

Scott with Director, Adam Webb.

Scott with Director, Adam Webb.

If you are in the rotomolding industry, I am sure you have at least heard mention of the annual ARM Show and know of its benefits to its members. An event like this is helpful for all rotomolding manufacturers, suppliers, designers and professionals alike. This show is a perfect melting pot of information and ideas for all who are wanting to stay informed with the up and coming innovations in the industry.

MIGS Successful showcase at ARM 2016

MIG 5 tested by Dr. Gareth McDowell at 493 K booth.

At the show, many heard from our MIGS team experts, which included Scott Saxman, Clark Boyce, Assistant VP of Sales and General Manager, Marty Mares at the MIGS booth. If you did not get a chance to attend the ARM show this year, you can still contact our team for in depth information on our products and how they solve many plastic finishing problems in the rotomolding industry. MIGS hopes to see everyone at next year’s show.

To learn more about our Mold In Graphics or Surface Enhancer product line, click here.