Mold In Graphics Wears R.E.D. For Fridays“Quality” at Mold In Graphic Systems is certainly what we strive for in our products, services, and support for our customers. Although we believe in offering the best when it comes to the products and services that we provide, we feel the definition of the word “quality,” doesn’t end with what we do as a company, but rather, begins with who we aim to be on a daily basis.

One of the ways we strive to be our best, is by taking time each Friday to intentionally honor our troops by wearing our R.E.D (Remember Everyone Deployed) t-shirts. We never want to forget or take for granted that we get to do what we do as company in peace, freedom, and safety, because of the honor and self-sacrificing of the men and women who defend our country every single day.

Mold In Graphics Wears R.E.D. For Fridays

Mold In Graphics TEAM Wears R.E.D. For Fridays, supporting our troops.

We are a “work family” of people, who have countless loved ones who have, or do currently serve in the Armed Forces. There are those among our work family who are Vets, and have selflessly given their time, effort, and risked their own personal safety, in order to courageously defend the freedoms that we get to enjoy. We have learned that cultivating this work family of ours, by supporting one another however possible, has done nothing but provide the possibility for more unity, focus, strength, commitment, and a better sense of company morale.

Mold In Graphics Wears R.E.D. For FridaysBy showing up each Friday in RED, we hope to do our part to put the spotlight back on those who make our very lives possible. We believe it a worthy goal to provide all the support that we can, in an effort to boost the unity, strength, focus, and morale, in honor of the Soldiers in our Armed Forces who have worked so tirelessly and selflessly in protection of our country and our freedoms.

We hope you support our troops in a similar thankfulness that we do, and we would love to hear how you, or your company, honors those who serve. Join our conversation on LinkedIn here.