Mold Release Residue Issues Call For Multi-CleanResidue build-up on molds may not seem like such a big issue, but to rotomolders there is an understanding of how serious it can become. There are numerous root causes for release residue buildup, from lack of venting, to plateout from the buildup of resin material, residue from the plastic causing cavity discoloration, flame-retardant additives, to degraded material from running hotter than recommended or allowing plastic to sit in the barrel and not purging it frequently. This can all lead to sticking issues, gloss issues and other plastic finishing issues. It is estimated that manufacturing for companies will have increased mold replacement costs, due to not addressing mold release residue build-up issues. To ensure that your molds have a long and efficient lifespan, a cleaner that can remove the release residue build-up should be a necessity for rotomolders to ensure that efficiency and quality products are successfully achieved.

Multi-Clean™ is a new release remover agent plus an all-purpose cleaner in the Surface Enhancer® product line from Mold In Graphic Systems®. It is an easy-to-use spray that is perfect for everyday use to quickly clean molds, removing the mold release residue that is causing issues. Multi-Clean also serves as a cleaner and release remover for plastic surfaces that our Mold On Graphics are being applied to. Multi-Clean also works on multiple hard surfaces like glass, windows, computer screens, hard countertops, whiteboards and more. Multi-Clean is also water-based so it delivers a nice clean shine without any streaks. Keeping your molds, plastics and surfaces clean with Multi-Clean, helps to retain their value, function and branded appearance.


The mold release removal agent is a key feature of this product and some have wondered when Multi-Clean should be used and when it should not be used. If you have brand new molds in your cycle, you may not have to use Multi-Clean right away, but after a number of molding cycles, you should check your molds for that release residue before it builds up to be problematic. Sometimes it is not easily evident that release residue is present, especially if resin color is lighter and more opaque than say that of a black or red resin residue buildup. In the case of detecting more hard to see residue, you should try and use the tape test for viewing the level of residue in the mold. You can view the tape testing technique here or click the video in this post to preview that process. Important to note is that after you clean and test you should gently wipe down the mold before molding to remove excess Multi-Clean to ensure the mold is dry.

Multi-Clean™, previously named Mold Release Remover, is the same great formula that has worked for molders for many years, but now it contains more product in a larger 19 ounce can. A new diamond comfort tip has also been added to assist in the spraying of the product at any angle, which is useful when spraying up inside a difficult to reach mold cavity.

MIGS, being the pioneers of Surface Enhancer® product technology, encourages rotomolders to look at any mold release residue issues, or plastic products in their cycles that need release agents applied. Multi-Clean could be that missing cleaner that could help production cycle efficiency, save cost on mold replacements and assist for more clean surfaces around the workplace. Contact Mold In Graphic Systems today to learn more about Multi-Clean.

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