Plastex Vision for Clean water and Branding success with Mold In Graphic Systems®  – By Nick Moldan

Mold In Graphic Systems® has customers in all corners of the globe and I was fortunate enough to recently spend a weekend as the guest of our good customer in Mozambique, PLASTEX.  This company has brought a vision of widespread availability and access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Its mission is to develop sustainable water storage and waste-water solutions in Mozambique. Its commitment is to provide robust, competitive and durable products to international Standards.

Following on from last month’s ARMSA conference outside Pretoria, South Africa, Gerry Marketos, owner and Managing Director of PLASTEX, hosted a weekend in Mozambique for friends and suppliers, to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary.  After corresponding with PLASTEX for more than 8 years, it was a pleasure to finally visit their factory and headquarters in Maputo, and to meet Gerry Marketos and Tony Linos.  The company also has factories in Beira (central region) and Nacala (northern region).

The year before the company’s establishment, Mozambique had had its first multi-party elections after 15 years of civil war. The economy had been devastated and the infrastructural base was almost non-existent. Basic facilities such as fresh safe water and sanitation were available spasmodically only to a small percentage of the population. Even up to recently in rural areas only 30% of people had access to safe fresh water, and only 6% to sanitation.

Africa, Plastex Water Tanks with Mold On Graphics®PLASTEX was the first producer of plastic water tanks in Mozambique. Starting from a low base, the company brought in experts and external advisors and gradually developed products meeting SABS and international standards. As the company grew it invested in new state of the art roto-moulding technology, which is also highly energy efficient.

The product range was gradually extended from water tanks – which range in size from 250 liters to 15,000 liters – to septic and fuel tanks. There is now a wide product range, which includes water containers, crates, wheelie bins, pallets and silos as well as a wide range of accessories and filters.

PLASTEX has built a strong reputation within its target industries by producing consistent high quality products. As a result the company has developed a strong, highly recognisable brand identity.  Mold On Graphics® from Mold In Graphic Systems® has been an important component of the company’s branding and marketing success.  Highly visible branding can be seen on PLASTEX’s tanks and products across Mozambique.  Mold In Graphic Systems® is proud of their association with PLASTEX, and congratulates Gerry and his team on their 20th anniversary.

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