As Mold In Graphic Systems continues its innovation and growth after more than 30 years in business, the company is grateful to have many employees who have contributed to its success. One employee who stands out is Scott Saxman. After serving many years as the SVP of Sales for Mold In Graphic Systems, June 2016 marks Scott’s 25 year anniversary with the company and his promotion to Director of North American Business Development.

New Business Development Director Scott SaxmanResearch by Relationships

“All of the relationships that I have dealt with for these past 25 years with Mold In Graphics, have not only benefited MIGS, but also benefited their own company endeavors for branding and product development. They have also helped MIGS and myself to push the envelope and the ideals for the future needs of the industry. Going beyond what we can currently troubleshoot with, to reach for new possibilities when developing fully functional and lasting plastic products that stand out in the crowd for years to come”, said Scott.

From Early Beginnings

Prior to joining MIGS®, Scott held Senior Marketing and Sales Managerial positions at two large and well respected international toy manufacturing companies, Flexible Flyer and Hedstrom Corporation, both of which marketed consumer playground equipment and other children’s products constructed of rotomolded polyethylene plastics, wood and steel. He moved on in 1991 to Mold In Graphic Systems to continue his good work ethics to help shape the company into what it is today.

Connecting Technology

Scott has conducted numerous public presentations on MIGS innovations at numerous ARM and ARMO conferences, affiliated organizations, including SPE presentations throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Australasia, and South America. Scott has enjoyed reaching out around the world to prove how beneficial Mold In Graphics and Surface Enhancer products have become for rotomolders.

Creative Accomplishments for Successful Leadership

Scott’s success has not been only comprised of his efforts at the workplace. His life off the campus has contributed a good balance toward his success. Scott is a family man living in northern Arizona with his wife Allison and his 3 sons. He is a long time sports fan and avid supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is also a musician, guitar enthusiast and a previous member of the ARM Band. With years of creative and professional skills in leading a successful team, please join us to congratulate Scott Saxman as he celebrates 25 years with Mold In Graphic Systems and leads this new role. For any new customer inquiries, contact Scott Saxman at or call (928) 239-4359.

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